In which we finally meet the long anticipated Unapologetic Pole

Congrats to Brian Holliday, who won Driftwood by Harper Fox! Driftwood will be released today by Samhain Publishing.

And congrats to Kelly, who won Infected: Prey by Andrea Speed!

Recently it was brought to my attention *coughmargenecough* that it’s been ages since I posted any pictures from my rambles around my neighborhood. While I haven’t been out and about that much this summer (curse you, stoopid autoimmune stuff!), I do have a few photos to share. Shall we?

If you don’t remember the story of the Apologetic Pole from last year, I’ll wait for you to refresh your memories. Back? Ok.

While the City didn’t make its promised “on or before Spring 2009” deadline, it did make “after spring 2010”. 🙂 Meet the Unapologetic Pole, which I believe is actually the same pole that was next to the Apologetic Pole, but with a pole extender stuck on it for the City wifi antenna.

Lake of the Isles continues to be its usual lovely self, with downtown Minneapolis in the distance.

From the shores of Lake Calhoun, a plaque commemorating the first dwelling in Minneapolis (1834). Some settling may have occurred.

We now have several Nice Ride bike stations in the neighborhood.

Isn’t this scooter great?

This garage makes me happy every time I see it.

These shoes were a little more interesting than the shoes one usually sees dangling from power lines… (Make sure you click on the picture to embiggen it if you can’t read the soles.)

“Yo, woman, I need me a beer and the remote.” -Chaos

51 thoughts on “In which we finally meet the long anticipated Unapologetic Pole”

  1. Ah, the unapologetic pole. At long last… 😀

    I couldn’t see the soles either, but I’ll believe you that they’re special. LOL Course, now I wonder if it means the same thing to hang shoes on power lines where you are as it does where I am…

  2. Congrats Brian & Kelly!

    I am obviously going to have to read up about the Apologetic Pole 🙂 And YAH for neighbourhood photos! Your neighbourhood looks lovely BTW!

    Chaos – your Mum works so hard. Can’t you give her a break?
    A recent post from orannia..The AngstMy Profile

  3. That “new” pole does look distinctly like the “old” pole that was near the ugly pole. Sneaky sneaky city.

    I love that garage. I think this house is very cool too. I said to Kristen imagine how much paint they had to buy as each board is a slightly different shade. This one is a sideways rainbow. 🙂

    The first time I saw public bikes like that was in Barcelona. A lot of people used them. We don’t have them here.

    Thanks for the peek at your neighborhood.
    A recent post from Tam..Weekend UpdateMy Profile

  4. Chris- Nothing cool in my neighborhood. I was told that shoes hanging on wires indicates the location of a drug house, but that may just be up here.
    A recent post from Lorraine..Its hereMy Profile

  5. Hey, loving this photo montage! Those shoes are great. I have to add, the creators of that commemorative rock likely didn’t intend it to be a prime pee-stop for dogs but it always has a bit of suspicious moisture on it, I notice. Chaos: a bit odd looking today.
    A recent post from Carolyn Crane..Hi-ya! Mini round-upMy Profile

  6. The Nice Ride is a great idea for an urban setting – and so reasonably priced. I especially liked that a person could subscribe for as little as 24 hours – you can see an awful lot of a new city that way.
    A recent post from trek..Bzzz zot!My Profile

  7. I love the rainbow garage and the rainbow houses in Tam’s comments!

    Also, I have never seen rent-a-bikes like that before! Wild!

  8. I LOVE the bike rental – that’s freaking awesome! And the garage is fantastic. I swear, you live in the best place ever.

    ‘Some settling may have occurred.’ HA!

    Jase…just say it a few more times. It’ll grow on you. 😀

  9. Bron! Is it like some magic spell? Do I need to look down when I chant this special word which means ‘enlarge’ which is a syllable shorter and a REAL word? 😀

  10. LOL!!!!

    Yes, Jase exactly. I’ve heard there are hand motions to accompany the spell, but you’re on your own, there.

    Besides, real words are overrated – particularly when they can be replaced by words as delightful as embiggen.

  11. Congrats Brian & Kelly!
    Thanks for sharing the pics. The garage and Tam’s houses made me smile.
    Chaos..does Yo, woman work??

  12. Passing beer and remote my demon master….

    What great pictures – the lake is beautiful – makes me want to take a trip east or north. And that garage is SO cool – someone spent days painting that one. And, the shoes – lol Every so often I see a pair of worse for the wear ones hanging around too but they are never that interesting…

    Thanks Chris!

    Great post.. :))
    A recent post from Lea..Tori And I Are Over At The Island Talking AboutMy Profile

  13. Really enjoyed the pics!
    Poor apologetic pole. I wonder what became of him.
    It looks like unapologetic pole got moved over into apologetic pole’s spot.

  14. I wonder why it took the city so long to simply put the wifi antenna on an existing pole? Would have thought that would have been much easier than putting up the apologetic pole, creating the sign, then taking down the poor apologetic pole.

    Lovin’ the rainbow garage! 🙂
    A recent post from Ava March..Nearing the Finish LineMy Profile

  15. I love the idea of rental bicycles.. thats fabulous! Sadly I live outside of Atlanta- which is basically like the land that time forgot. I hear that INSIDE “the Perimeter” Atlanta (city limits) that there are fantastical things like bike lanes and Whole Foods stores but I think that’s just a myth.

    I would love to live up where you are (love the walking/biking vibe) but my husband has no interest in Northern… anywhere really.
    A recent post from mouse..Wordless Wednesday on a Thursday because Mousie clearly has no idea what day it isMy Profile

  16. Kris, do you ever get your butt over to St. Paul? If so, I have some photo requests for you.

    This is what I get for squeezing all my blog-hopping into the space of an hour. And for knowing too many people with essentially the same name.

    (Tam, thanks for being…Tam.)
    A recent post from K. Z. Snow..I found Rick Reed at a garage sale My Profile

  17. Good for Margene! I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed the “Around the Hood” series.

    And Chaos? Get yer own beer. You got da thumbs.

  18. Oh, I really like the idea of the Nice Ride bike stations! Our town is finally talking about getting more bike friendly.

    LOL at Chaos! Is that a tuna beer he’s demanding?
    A recent post from Sydney..While I was outMy Profile

  19. It seems to me like the actual wi-fi antenna is the ugly part of the equation. But maybe that’s just me?

    Those are definitely more interesting shoes on the wire. What is it that makes people do that though? I don’t get it.
    A recent post from Kristi aka FiberFool..Plum ButterMy Profile

  20. What a heap of stuff happened in your neck of the woods since you started harassing the kitties….

    Love the garage door – that would make me smile everyday….

    We just got the cycle hire thing over here as well – loads of pros and cons for it…

    What are you feeding that cat – now he wants a beer to go with it…

    @Chaos – you are all kinda awesome just as you are….


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