Lawn Art: Advanced Topics – Sculpture

I’ve featured some lawn art before, but I haven’t really shown you the variety of lawn art in my neighborhood. You can find faces…

birds and animals…

classical forms…

and some a bit less classical…

“Who cares about lawn art when you have a feather toy?!” -Mayhem

38 thoughts on “Lawn Art: Advanced Topics – Sculpture”

  1. Heh, quite the little cherub! Love the look of a weather worn piece of art, especially that first face. And speaking of faces, little May has quite the sweet one.

  2. As a small child, I embarrassed my mother once by asking her about a fountain we were looking at (in front of a bunch of other people, of course). I asked her “Why is the lion’s pee-pee coming out of it’s mouth?”

  3. Chris- Anything with a face on it freaks me out- I’d much rather play with May and her nifty toy.

    Did I ever tell you about the Moose thing here in Toronto- they were all over the city.

  4. The moose in the hosta made me laugh. The peeing cherub made me wince. The mermaid (oh, so THAT’S what that is) appears to be checking her deodorant.

    Thanks for the tour!

  5. I was just over at Judy’s (Persistent Illusion) and darn if SHE doesn’t have a photo of a moose, too! You two are on the same wavelength it seems…

  6. The moose is my favorite, but the weathered faces are pretty cool too. Now if you could only find a statue of a moose playing with a feather toy…

  7. Very good! Years and years ago (like 1983) I wanted to make a coffee table book of religious lawn kitsch… And have it all related to different ethnicities… french, italian, german, etc etc… THEN I found out that a moss guru (Howard Crum from Univ Michigan, now decesed) had a slide show that he liked to slip into his seminars, all pics of Mary on the half shell. I sent him one or two from my travels in NY (loads of religious lawn art there… not like here, land of yankee puritan types).

  8. May, toys trump lawn art any day. What is lawn art anyway? I’ve never seen it. Mom bought us on of those scratchy s shaped things like you have and didn’t notice it was supposed to come with a toy attached. What a rip off! We refuse to play with the scratchy thing and Mom is mad.

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