Ebook giveaway: Life After Joe by Harper Fox [CONTEST CLOSED]

Congrats to Juli-Anna, who won Sleepwalker by Jordan Castillo Price! Congrats to Anna Shah Hoque, who won His One and Only (Only #4) by Shawn Lane! Congrats to Ralph, who won Reasonable Doubt (The Boys in Blue, Book 2) by Mia Watts! Whew! (Oh, and all of the previously mentioned books are now available.)

Many thanks to Harper Fox for donating an ebook copy of her forthcoming m/m romance, Life After Joe, for a lucky reader to win! Life After Joe will be released on June 28 by Carina Press.

It’s not the breaking up that kills you, it’s the aftermath.

Ever since his longtime lover decided he’d seen the “heterosexual light,” Matt’s life has been in a nosedive. Six months of too many missed shifts at the hospital, too much booze, too many men. Matt knows he’s on the verge of losing everything, but he’s finding it hard to care.

Then Matt meets Aaron. He’s gorgeous, intelligent and apparently not interested in being picked up. Still, even after seeing Matt at his worst, he doesn’t turn away. Aaron’s kindness and respect have Matt almost believing he’s worth it – and that there could be life after Joe. But his newfound happiness is threatened when Matt begins to suspect Aaron is hiding something, or someone…

Excerpt (scroll down)


Absolutely Hysterical Interview of Harper by Josh Lanyon

More About Harper

Harper Fox weaves her stories from her home in rural Northumbria in the UK. She loves northern England all the more because it is the country of her adoption – her grandfather came here as a refugee from Lithuania during the Second World War. The landscape inspires her to poetry of the magical-realist kind, and her work has appeared in several British literary magazines. She is not quite sure why the area also inspires her to erotic M/M prose, but she doesn’t look the gift horse in the mouth.

Harper has been published by Carina (her first success), Samhain Publishing and Loose Id. She has written M/M stories all her life, and she hid them in drawers until the hard drive was invented. She loves being able to share her romances with a readership now, as well as the backgrounds they’re set against, which are some of her favourite places in the UK.

She is lucky enough to have lived for the past twenty-four years with her SO, Jane. She isn’t that old, really – they met when they were very young. Honest.

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  3. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about Life After Joe. I was just about to pre-order it, too, but then I saw this so enter me in, please. I’ll see if my lucks finally changing. 😀

  4. Hello, everyone! Thanks for your nice comments and I hope the winner enjoys Life After Joe. Yes, I love the cover, too. Such a nice surprise to see your creations in the beautiful flesh. Thank you *so much* to the people who’ve already bought copies, and everyone who’s entered the contest. Means the world to me. *waves hello to Lisabea! Hiya, m’dear!* Thank you for hosting this, Chris, and I may have to borrow that lovely cat of your soon – what a beauty xxx

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    Thanks for the great giveaway Chris…I read His One and Only last night and LOVED it! It was wicked good as is all of Shawn’s work. 🙂

    Congratulations to Ralph & Juli-Anna.

    Please count me in for your latest giveaway. It looks like another spectacular read.
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