Ebook Giveaway: Pool Hall Green by Sara Bell [CONTEST CLOSED]

Congrats to Antonette, who won the copy of The Blue Moon Cafe by Rick R. Reed! And congrats to Kassa, who won the copy of Phonebook by Amy Lane, which will be released today by Dreamspinner Press.

Many thanks to author Sara Bell for donating an ebook copy of her recent m/m romance, Pool Hall Green, for a lucky reader to win!

Drew Harris is a master when it comes to the game of pool, but family is always a crap shoot and Drew rolled snake eyes. His parents want little to do with him. The only time they call him is when they need money, or when they want him to bail his gambling-addict brother, Vic, out of a jam. So when Drew’s mother calls in a panic to let Drew know that Vic owes a local casino owner two-hundred and fifty grand, Drew’s not exactly shocked. Not shocked, that is, until he learns that the guy Vic owes doesn’t want the money: he wants Drew.

Casino mogul Evan Stacie never thought he was the kind of man to resort to blackmail, but the death of his brother two years ago changed a lot of things. He needs Drew’s skill with a stick to ruin the man who sent Evan’s brother to an early grave, and if Evan has to fight dirty to make that happen, so be it. Nothing, not his growing attraction to Drew or the soft spot Evan feels for the guy, is going to stand in his way.


About Sara Bell

Sara Bell lives in North Alabama with the world’s sexiest, most supportive husband, the two most beautiful, gifted daughters on the planet, and two of the most neurotic but lovable dogs ever created. She’s a full-time author who writes stories about never-ending love for all kinds of characters – gay, straight, and somewhere in-between. Sara still can’t believe she gets paid to do something she loves so much, and she’s darned grateful to her incredible readers for making her dream a reality. To find out more about Sara or to give her a shout-out, please stop by her website.

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“Whoa. Was that ‘nip spiked or something?” -Mayhem

43 thoughts on “Ebook Giveaway: Pool Hall Green by Sara Bell [CONTEST CLOSED]”

  1. No need to enter me, I just wanted to come see ya and give a shout out to my kitties!!!

    And I see my Princess had a blast for her bday!!! Hee hee… I see you had some catnip!!!! Wonder if she caught that bug.. or did Mommy get it for you!?!
    .-= cecile´s last blog ..Happy Memorial Day Weekend! =-.

  2. Please count me in for this one, please.

    Mayhem, I trust you had a lovely and memorable birthday. 🙂

  3. Mmm… men with sticks and balls… (who’s a good kitty? Who’s gonna get her tummy rubbed? Ooooohh c’mon May, purr for your auntie Amy…)

  4. I am entering the contest.

    This book sounds great. Sara Bell is new to me so I’ll need to check out her other works.

  5. No need to enter me in the contest (I sorta have my own copy, LOL). I just wanted to thank you all for the kind comments and to thank the fabulous Chris for hosting this contest. I also wanted to tell Lorraine that her brother probably does have a pool table 🙂 Cloths (or felts as the pros call them) come in every color of the rainbow. The ones the mens pro tour uses are blue, just like your brother’s. I know this not because I’m a fount of knowledge–couldn’t even tell you what I had for breakfast this morning–but because my grandpa is a professional pool player. Imagine a seventy-something year old man helping his granddaughter write a gay romance and you’ve got Pool Hall Green.

  6. Aww, thank you! And you’re very welcome.

    I love that story about your grandpa. 🙂

  7. So May, does everything look better from that angle? If so, I’ll have to try it some time. Although I don’t think I’m that bendable.

    I’m definitely interested in this book so please count me in.

  8. i have never commented here before but i would like to win this book since i have enjoyed reading sara bell’s other books

  9. Please enter me in your contest. I will have to get this book now after Sara’s comments about her grandpa.

  10. I just read a book by Sara and thought it was very sweet. I’d love to win

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