And the winner of the most colorful Adirondack chair is…

Create an lolcats caption for a picture of Lucy with a foot model by 3:00 pm EDT, July 1 (aka today), and you could win “something good.” I noes u guyz haz seryus capshuning skillz, so go 2 it. πŸ™‚

Romancing the Yarn will be giving away “something fibery” every day during July – send an email to the contest address to play.

Chappy’s having a virtual birthday party – if you leave a story about a dog or cat of your acquaintance by July 7th (Chappy’s birthday), you could win a party favor.

Back to the Adirondack chair pictured above. It’s hard to get an idea of scale, but I think the chair is sized about right for a person eight to ten feet tall… The chair is located in the J. D. Rivers’ Children’s Garden in Theodore Wirth Park, and I drive by it every day on my way home from work.

For shame if you steal veggies from kids!

I was going to show you the bites or scratches that May left on Chaos’ face, but they don’t show up very well in any of the pictures I’ve taken.

“It’s ok, Mom. I won’t take any revenge on her… while you’re home, at least.” -Chaos

28 thoughts on “And the winner of the most colorful Adirondack chair is…”

  1. That chair is awesome! But is a bit much on the retinas this early in the morning.

    Poor Chaos! Keep it up May and mom just might make booties to go with those bibs!

  2. Thank you for telling people about my party–the more the merrier! I’m so excited, my tail has been wagging nonstop. Tell Chaos I hope he feels better. I’d tell him myself, but don’t think I’d be able to resist barking at him….

  3. Outing the younger kitty, eh Chaos?

    No, you should not steal veggies from kids – or anyone else, of course – but esp not kids.

  4. laughing at Carrie’s comment – the bus takes me by that chair EVERY morning (and afternoon)

    so, May’s finally retaliating for the whisker thing, huh?

  5. Chaos is looking a little blissed out – despite the scratching. Were you clipping his toenails?

  6. Since I’m sure Chaos wasn’t stealing veggies from children I have to wonder what he did to ask for all that trouble from May…surely she wouldn’t just attack for no reason πŸ˜‰

  7. Baby says to tell May that it is the only way to show the boys in the house who is really in charge. Of course Ducky on the other paw would never strike at Boo.

  8. Hey there, friend! I am back to reading your blog. It was fun catching up on the kitties’ doings. Glad to see little May is sticking up for herself, but poor Big Kitty!

  9. Love the chair – and the sign and the garden!!
    (now…said in my best, “grown-up, serious, chasting” voice)
    Mayhem! You’re a very bad girl to hurt your brother. You must behave. You wouldn’t want him to beat you up, now would you?

    (ok…I can hear her saying…he’s been biting my whiskers since I got here…it was HIS turn! Nah-na-na-nah-na!)

  10. Mayhem! Poor Chaos. I think a little black cat needs a time out in a big flashy chair.

    Because Chaos wouldn’t have started it, would he?

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