Knitting content two days in a row?! *thud*

Now, don’t go expecting this to turn into a “real” knitting blog or anything… 😉 I recently finished a pair of plain old socks, knit from Trekking 144. I was strangely helpless to resist this colorway, even though I’m not a particular fan of jacquards. What is it about Trekking?! (And yes, I am nearly helpless to resist doing the matchy matchy thing with such yarns…)

Feline interest in this project was shockingly low.

Again, not really stripey socks. Alas.” -Mayhem

“Wait, did you get my permission to include my tail in this picture, Mom?! I don’t think so! Hmph.” -Chaos

29 thoughts on “Knitting content two days in a row?! *thud*”

  1. I think they look great! And kudos on matching up the stripes like that!

    Getting the tail (or butt) is like having a cat flip you the bird…

  2. Nice socks! I like the colors, they are nice and springy.

    (I hope Chaos does not sue you for including his tail in the photo without express permission …)

  3. Nice socks, nice colors! Great matching job too. I usually make a half-hearted attempt to match. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. May and Chaos are just disappointed that you don’t have anymore stuffed toys.

  4. I have about 3 balls of Trekking in my stash even though I really dislike knitting with it. I’m still tempted to buy that rainbow colorway of Trekking – I’m pretty sure they put something in the yarn (like human catnip) that makes us want it no matter what.

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