Dyeing for summer

Wendy’s giving away a cute green iPod Shuffle. To enter the contest, leave her a comment with a summer-themed haiku by midnight EDT, May 29.

On Saturday, Jeanne and I headed out to Deb’s to do a bit of dyeing. (Check out Deb’s pictures, too, including one of me.)

Excuse the blurry pictures – sometimes I swear that the “anti-shake” feature on the camera introduces as much blur as it prevents… Probably it’s just me! Anyway, here’s Jeanne working on the last skein of the day.

Deb and Holli relaxing…

And our finished products. Care to guess which two skeins I dyed?

Were you right? 🙂

As you can tell from the pictures, Saturday was nicely sunny – but it was only in the low 60s. Still, this is much better than last year, when we had our air conditioners on by mid-May!

“Shhh… maybe Mom won’t notice me in the cooler and I’ll get to visit Sammy and Tig and check out their ‘Cat Wheel o’ Fun!'” -Mayhem

“What do you mean, there’s not room for the sorbet with me in the cooler?! How could you even tell I was there? Hmph. You never let me have any fun.” -Mayhem

34 thoughts on “Dyeing for summer”

  1. That was too easy! None of the others looked remotely like yours, but all are lovely.

    Poor May! Don’t you get to go on play dates like dogs do?

  2. Poor May…life is never as good as she expects and never gets her way. At least it didn’t rain on you, POUR rain on you all day long.

  3. Um…I…guessed…wrong…*hanging head in shame*.

    But I’m glad you guys had a great day!

    Mayhem, I totally expect to open my lunch bag one day and find Gandalf hiding inside…

  4. Oh May – remember – visiting Sammy and Tig means visiting Holli! It was great fun indeed. My skeins are still drying. Darn humidity.

  5. I was definitely leaning toward the purple. There was sorbet? Not only were we cold and wet up at the cabin, we had the weekend of MEAT (men + grill = meat)! Me, my mom, and 7 boys/men. We had ribs, chicken and beef tenderloin. Oof. Thank goodness for asparagus.

  6. OMG, how funny would it have been if you got there, opened the cooler, and out she popped?

    yet, I’d like to think that you would’ve noticed how HEAVY and SQUIRMY the cooler was on the way!

  7. I’m totally itching to dye again! But the weather hasn’t cooperated in a few days. Though I’m not really complaining. We needed rain and the cool temps are wonderful! It’ll be hot enough again to solar dye before I know it.

  8. I was JUST saying the same thing to Hoop about the “anti-shake” feature! What’s up with that? I never had that issue with my ol’ point-and-click.

  9. I guessed wrong! But in my defense, there was no outwardly purple.

    Poor Mayhem. She just wanted to play. Surely she could have eaten the sorbet and then they both would have been in the cooler! 🙂

  10. Well May is one cool cat! 🙂 It looks like a fun day. I like the colors. Oh I wish it was cool enough here to go without air conditioners.

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