Time of the signs

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I love to see things that give you glimpses into Minneapolis past.

A look at Minneapolis present – embiggen for maximum amusement…

With their “come one, come all excepted” policy, is it any wonder they went out of business?! (If you click, you’ll also see their very interesting walk in policy – “welcome by appointment.”)

“Hmph. Mom took my toy away, so I’m sulking. She should’ve listened to all of you! Oh well, at least the big kitty has mostly stopped biting off my whiskers. Don’t they look great?” -Mayhem

“Mmmm… whiskers… Hee hee, I’ll sneak up on her when she’s not on the blog.” -Chaos

32 thoughts on “Time of the signs”

  1. 😉 Thanks for the chuckles.

    I wonder how many shopping carts they’ve had to rescue, just because people wanted to see if they really locked up!

  2. Hee hee…I love that sign, I’ve seen them here too. Wow, $14 a week??? And something’s fireproof?! Nice. 🙂

    Atticus used to bite Mae’s whiskers, but she put him in his place and he hasn’t since…

  3. I still don’t understand why some people think that shopping carts are their for them to transport their goods to their homes. Or to keep at home until the next week when they need to shop for food again…

  4. The old brick advertisement makes me happy. The sign befuddles me. Even if the shop owner had written down what was to be painted don’t you think that the painter would have done some proof reading? What a great idea for shopping carts. I can’t imagine what that whole system cost the store, but hopefully it saves them time and money in the long run. “All excepted”! Sorry, I’m still chuckling over the window. Have a wonderful day.

  5. I’m pretty sure Old Man bit off Rocky’s eyebrows. I hate to tell him, but it looks funny. He’s still cute, though, and so is May!

  6. I’m surprised New Look gets any customers at all, as a matter of fact, I think they are actually telling customers to go away.

    ANTM Mayhem, I’m telling you – mom should call Tyra!

  7. I believe, if you look closely, that was actually a “come ome, come all” policy. Which, as we all know, is particularly hard to follow.

  8. I saw the weaving/braiding shop on the bus ride home yesterday. I got all excited for a moment at the thought of a weaving shop, and then I realized what it really was.

  9. I love those signs (I’ll make sure to call ahead next time I walk in) – I used to read National Lampoon just for the funny signs! BTW we have those locking shopping carts here too – they won’t even go within the parking lot, they stop in the middle of the parking lot!

  10. “Fireproof” – huh, not something I usually think to ask about when I check in to the finer hotels. I’ll start asking now though.

  11. I love seeing those signs on buildings, although around here they often remove them. I didn’t even know there were locking shopping carts.

    May you look gorgeous!

  12. I love that about Pittsburgh. There are so many buildings that release a slight hint of their past. I love that they aren’t covered.

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