More purr-sonalities

Thanks for the great comments yesterday about the “feline-alities,” with apologies to Mel for posting that word again – I’m not sure you’ll appreciate today’s terminology, either! 😉 Just in case you dog owners were feeling neglected, never fear – the “canine-ality” test was first.

Several of you noted (either in comments or emails later) that the neurotic cat purrsonalities were woefully neglected. Catherine’s comment reminded me that Jeanne once pegged Chaos as a Terrorist. Too true. His perfect purrsonality type would be Anxious Terrorist, with a dash of Mama’s Boy thrown in for good measure. And really, who wouldn’t pick that purrsonality type from the shelter?! 😉

“Who are you calling a terrorist, Mom?! Perhaps you’d like to reconsider that statement?” -Chaos

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how ready I am for this (US) long holiday weekend… although I had no idea it was Memorial Weekend until, um, Wednesday of this week… Anyway! I’m not going to post on Monday. Have a great weekend!