Be gone?

Moraie is celebrating her second blogiversary with a contest. To participate, leave her a comment guessing what number the blogiversary post is and identifying the guy in the linked picture. She’ll take guesses until midnight PDT, May 20.

Yesterday it actually felt like spring! (Everyone ok after that shock?) I headed out into my neighborhood to get to know my new camera better and take a few somewhat random pictures.

I hope you embiggened that last picture for maximum amusement. 😉

“What do you mean, it defeats the purpose of towels on the furniture if I’m under the towels? Why do they call it FURniture then?” -Mayhem

42 thoughts on “Be gone?”

  1. Wow, not hiding anything in the name of that product, huh? That’s amazing that they got away with that. Yeah, I CAN be a prude at times. I once did window dressings for a store, and got some BIG complaints when I did a Jaws-style window, with a woman mannequin’s leg sticking out of the mouth of a shark. But product names are totally different. 🙂

  2. Oh man, that is hilarious! I would shop any day at a store who’s not worried about being honest these days.

    That’s what it is, folks!

    Mayhem – Gandalf COMPLETELY agrees with you.

  3. I had a cat many years ago. We once had people over and locked the cats in the bedroom – which was where we were stashing everyone’s coats. At one point there was this big lump under the middle of the quilt. Later it was gone and the quilt looked as if someone had just made the bed and NO ONE had been sleeping on/under it.

  4. Wow! That is quite the name. There’s plenty of FURniture at my place, too. I have discovered that the one leather chair is the best place for friends with cat allergies to sit when they’re over.

  5. I want some of that toilet paper! What fabulous pictures. Towels indeed. Cats everywhere, my own included, scoff at such feeble attempts.

  6. What a great brand name…

    FURniture. Heh. And that is one reason why I have a couple of plastic chairs, so the people with cat allergies have someplace to sit.

  7. But, um, it’s pillow soft. That’s just what I want in my s#1t begone!

    You really did the “bang-zoom” with the photo essay. Wasn’t expecting it. I’m walking along with you, thinking, “Gee, I did something similar yesterday,” then BAM!

  8. OMG – love the toilet paper! I had to embiggen to see if perhaps my eyes were playing tricks on me! They weren’t!

    I love your new camera — the random images are lovely! Of course, I have to wonder what the kitties think of it!

  9. I love those flowers at the top – are they fuschia? Those are one of my favorites. The TP reminds me of the Japanese dollar store – always liberal with the translations. I wonder if they have some 🙂

  10. You really need to warn us that photos like that are coming up. Now I need to go get a towel to clean the coffee off the monitor.

    And May, get your Mom one (or ten) of those lint/fur rollers for a belated mother’s day gift. They make quick work of cat hair on the furniture (and from people’s butts when they sit on said furniture). It probably worries people that we keep one of them at the dining room table.

  11. you must be in lurve with the new camera! Great photos!!

    And I’m REALLY REALLY late, but I loved your crazy neon socks too. Want! Covet!

  12. i thought the towel was… you making a ‘fort’ for your furkids. And i thought… wow. she’s a much better mommy than I am.

  13. My favorites are the Bleeding Hearts and that cat! Great pictures. You and the new camera seem to be getting along just fine.

  14. Holy cow, that was funny. Thanks btw for the Listography link. That can either be very helpful or the beginning of my end. I love listmaking!

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