Chaos and the collar

Aww, how honored am I that the yarn I dyed for Imbrium is in her wedding pictures?! Very honored indeed. 🙂

Because we live on the third floor of a three-story building, it’s very unlikely that Chaos or Mayhem will run out my door and end up outside. Here’s the sequence of events that would be required:

  1. I would need to open my front door and they would have to run out into the hallway. Chaos escapes into the hallway every day when I get home from work, but all I have to do is close the door, leaving him out in the hallway alone, and he’s ready to return home.
  2. Someone would have to open a stairwell door and let the kitties into one of the stairwells.
  3. The kitties would need to run down two flights of stairs. May’s never seen stairs. Chaos hasn’t seen stairs since he was 10 weeks old.
  4. Someone would then need to open the front or back door and let the kitties outside.

True, all of this could happen, but I think it’s unlikely – so neither Chaos nor Mayhem are required to wear collars regularly. However, when either of them goes to the vet, collars are mandatory… just in case. When Chaos went to the vet in February, you might remember how deeply suspicious he was of my putting the collar on him. However, you didn’t see the following photos, taken immediately after collar application.

“Maybe I can easily scrape this thing off…” -Chaos

“Well, that didn’t work. I’ll try sulking, to see if I can guilt Mom into removing the collar.” -Chaos

“Hmm. Maybe if I pretend that I’m choking, she’ll take pity on me?! Help! Help! I’m choking!” -Chaos

“She’s a cruel one, that Mom. I wonder if I can reach it to bite it off… no.”*sigh*” -Chaos