“Someone told me it’s all happening at the zoo…”

– Simon & Garfunkel, At the Zoo

On Saturday, I went to the Minnesota Zoo with some friends and their kids. Right away, I ran into Catherine of Yogurt & Granola – knitbloggers are everywhere!

Here are some of the better animal photos I got, starting with a very active red panda.

This tiger never got close enough for a really good picture, alas.

The zoo has lots of native Minnesota animals, such as coyotes.

That coyote was getting ready to pounce on another coyote – doesn’t he just look like he’s up to no good?!

I interrupted this otter in the midst of cleaning its tummy.

Not a lot of open water yet for the swans.

The bald eagle was definitely keeping its eye on everyone, possibly trying to decide who was a tasty morsel…

Back at home, the local wildlife looked unconcerned.

“I’m pretty sure I could take that eagle. Besides, I’m in my Box of Invincibility.” -Chaos

39 thoughts on ““Someone told me it’s all happening at the zoo…””

  1. Oooh, lovin’ the red panda. Looks like you had a great time.
    Evanrude has a box of invisibility, once inside you magically aren’t supposed to/can’t see him anymore.

  2. Otters! Red Pandas! TIGERS!!! I LOVE going to the zoo.

    Heh, Gandalf has his blankie of invisibility. You’re not supposed to see him when he’s under it.

  3. Great pictures!

    I had a brush with some wildlife this weekend, too. I was driving home from a pedicure, down the highway, which goes through somewhat of a rural area close to my house, when all of a sudden these huge wild turkeys popped out of the forest and ran across the street. It was comical, because they clearly realized that running across the highway was a titch dangerous, and they were trying to fly but they were so BIG that they weren’t having all that much luck.

    I had no idea how big wild turkeys are — their bodies were gigantic and their necks were very, very long. When I told Dave about it he went on for a long time about how many meals we could have had if one had accidentally bumped into my grill.


  4. How cool that you ran into Catharine! I wonder if it’s possible to spin the hair from that red panda. I wonder if anybody would ever be brave/stupid enough to try brushing one out. Chaos, you’re fierce!

  5. I love that eagle- they are so awesome to see so close up!
    We actually see a lot in the air near my house- very cool, but hard to photograph…

    Happy knitting-

  6. Aw, I love the otter! They’re so cute. Actually, you managed to capture a lot of photos of cute balls of fluff (and feathers). Looks cold, though!

  7. Great zoo photos! I really like the coyote about to pounce.

    I think Chaos may be too large even for that eagle. He looks like his box of invincibility makes him a bit grumpy.

  8. I miss that zoo! My dad took this amazing picture of me when I was about 5 or 6 I think and I was wearing an orange windbreaker. The tiger was attracted to it and followed me back and forth and dad got a shot that amazing looks like there is no glass between me and the tiger! It’s freaky 🙂

  9. The first thing I thought of when I saw that bald eagle was, ‘dude, keep Chaos & especially May away’. A client at the vet clinc told me her cat’s siblings were all nabbed by eagles! I was dumbfounded?! Now they were kittens, but still!

  10. I haven’t been to that zoo (a scandal, I know) but I surely do admire Como Zoo. I have some pictures of my last visit there – (but once, perhaps) in 1968. With my kids. Darling! WE have a red panda here too, aren’t they adorable? I’ll have to make a point to go to that zoo next time I’m up. Oh – free from artifice, Lilliane just curls into a fold in the feather tick; Evangeline conceals herself under the Hand-Knit Shawl of Warm – behind The All-Concealing Butt o’ Mom. Works every time.

  11. Chaos, you climb in boxes? I can tell you aren’t a Maine Coon. We are more into sprawling all over the furniture rather than shoving ourselves into tiny cardboard boxes.

  12. p.s. My Momma got hit by a cantalope thrown by a polar bear at the Point Defiance Zoo (Tacoma WA) when she was little. Good thing your Mom came home unscathed.

  13. Ah, the Box of Invincibility, a good choice when planning an attack on an eagle.

    It looks like a fun day at the zoo, with sunshine at least.

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