Random entropy

Check out this amazing knitted music video!

AmberMoggie is celebrating her 500th post – leave a comment about your favorite yarn and you could win yarn, needles, and stitchmarkers. Winner will be selected March 24.

Chappysmom has a nice post about the Match It for Pratchett campaign to support Alzheimer’s research.

Ruth is having another contest. She comes up with really creative contest ideas that I have a hard time summarizing, so Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขll just send you over to her place for the details. :) The contest is open until May 10. (This was moved over from yesterday’s post – so you are experiencing deja vu.)

When I went to bed Wednesday night, there were four kiwi fruit on the counter. When I got up Thursday morning, there were three. Hmm. Fortunately, the fourth kiwi was found in the living room behind my knitting bag, unmolested.

Last night I met and knitted with ikisti, a very cool knitblogger who lives all of eight blocks away from me. Eerily, she lives in the same apartment building I did before I bought my condo. *insert Twilight Zone music here*

Remember my Keen World post from last Friday, with the picture of all my Keens carefully arranged in a circle? Keep that circle in mind as you look at the pictures below. In the first picture, the red Xs indicate shoes that were removed from the circle and worn during the past week. The green X indicates a pair of sandals removed to be washed when Chaos horked in them. (Why, yes, that would be the only pair I hadn’t worn yet.)

“Still waiting to learn the point of this game…” -Mayhem

“Maybe I’ll just have a little nap while I wait…” -Mayhem

Not quite a week later, this is what remains of the circle. What a remarkable demonstration of entropy in action!

…or possibly just Chaos and Mayhem in action…

30 thoughts on “Random entropy”

  1. Ditto what Margene wrote! Anyway, why are you leaving your shoes all over the place? Do that over here & you’ll get yelled at. And if something happens to them, you’ll be told to look for sympathy between sh#t & syphilis.

  2. I made the mistake of leaving a bag of red grapes on the counter last night… Still finding squished grapes all over the place.

    Horked in your shoe, huh? Of all the possible places, he chose to puke up on your shoe – so was he pissed off?!

  3. Well, really, what should you expect with Chaos & Mayhem at work? (You also inspired me to buy another pair of Keen’s this week – sandals for Hawaii – again, not black.)

  4. Lol at the roaming kiwi! I have to secure hubbys vitamins in the lid top of his coffee cup otherwise kitty thinks they are fun little toys. Yes, a bit odd about your new knitter friend living so close and in your old stomping grounds. Shows what a small world it really is!

  5. Hee, about the kiwi. Are the kitties telling you they aren’t getting enough fruit in their diet? It does kinda look like a kitty toy all brown and fuzzy.

    Kitty hork in the shoes. Joy.

  6. Oh, cats! Too bad about Chaos horking in the sandals — my Kylie gave my brand-new living room rug its inaugural puking 2 days ago. Sigh…

  7. Multiple anything seems to be some sort of magnet. Kiwi–Escapes by a Hair, Shoe Wagontrain Destroyed-Never had a Chance, Latest Pair of Shoes Welcomed Warmly (wish you could have worn them first).

    Never a dull moment–

  8. Yep, there’s your next cat’s name — Entropy…

    A friend of mine regularly finds stuff she left on the kitchen counter under the love seat in the living room — once it was a pound of hamburger!

  9. holy jumping beans! That knitted video is really impressive. as for the shoes, well, I’m not surprised, given ho wthings tend to devole in my household, I can extrapolate to yours….

  10. You left your shoes in a circle in the middle of the living room for a week? Such are the joys of living alone. Around my house you would never see half of them again until you moved.

  11. Cats have a sixth sense about what shoes, clothes, areas of the floor are the most clean, and then go about their business messing them up, huh?

  12. Chaos, hork? They must be the Bad Shoes. That’s what you get for posting such an unflattering picture of him.

    I hope you didn’t make ikisti play the shoe game…..

  13. That knitted video is awesome! I wonder who did the knitting…or maybe it was machine knit?

    Ewww…kitty puke in shoes? Bad kitty! Thankfully my cat has never yukked in my shoes, but I did step in some kitty puke with my bare feet. That taught me never to walk through a dark house first thing in the morning.

  14. Now if you left shoes out like that at our house, you would be crawling around trying to figure our where the ferrets hid them. Chaos is just trying to help you break in those shoes. I’m sure the Kiwi made a good substitute soccer ball.

  15. thanks to sisth craft, i stumbled over here. after watching lovely knit music video, read kitty book review, purchased for daughter’s 40th birthday. odd connection perhaps–or maybe not.

    thanks, naomi

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