Goodbye, Rock’n’Roll

…Socks, that is. So named for the colorway – Brown Sheep Wildfoote, color Rock’n’Roll. The yarn was fabulous in the skein, but I didn’t expect them to knit up quite like this… And I swore I would never knit with Wildfoote again, because it was so irregularly spun and had such an unpleasantly stringish feel as I knit. (I will admit that the Wildfoote wears like iron – these socks are sturdy.)

After several years of washing and wearing, I finally had to admit that the socks had become too short and were cramping my toes.

So Jeanne now has a “new” pair of psychedelic socks. Enjoy, Jeanne! (Jeanne is also having some difficulty with blobs in her knitting photos, although she’s encountering a fluffy black and white blob. Very interesting.)

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