In which Mayhem gets very, very excited

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Is it usual for there to be hundreds and hundreds of people at a caucus?! Wow. I’m glad I had a book with me last night, because that was one slow line.

“Ohmigosh! Big kitty! It’s a bird! It’s a bird!” – Mayhem

“Mwmph! Mwmph! I got it, big kitty! No kitty food for us tonight!” – Mayhem

31 thoughts on “In which Mayhem gets very, very excited”

  1. Chris- Mayhem looks like a cartoon kitty.

    I used to get upset when Sylvester got hurt. I never realized until later how violent cartoons are.

    No wonder our generation is messed up.

  2. Thank you for making my morning with the adorable kitty pictures! I’ve never been to a caucus before, but my husband enjoys anything dealing with politics and he’s been to one before.

  3. We’re bad, we do mail in ballots here! I found a wobbly mouse filled with catnip at the vets the other day and the kitty has never been more crazy with a toy before! Last night the dog picked it up and started carrying it around, the cat followed and was quite disgusted after as it was very wet from dog saliva. Didn’t stop kitty from playing though!

  4. Caucus last night was incredible! The turnout here was WAY above what was expected, and they expected a ton more than “normal”. It was really exciting to see the turnout last night, and while it was a pain to find a parking spot it was so awesome to see so many people excited to be there. Everyone was smiling and chatting with one another.

  5. You know, Felix hopped up on my desk last night, and now he wants a cat toy. He’s tired of the balls I’m stumbling over at night when I get up to go to the loo.

    BTW, I’m gonna find out if the most babies are born in February; there seems to be an explosion of soon-to-deliver co-workers around me. Folks need to spread this out a bit. 😉

    There’s a chop shop in my neighborhood too! Cool!

  6. Heh – so how did May like her dinner? 🙂 I suspect not so much.

    My two didn’t like their catch of robotic hamster very much the other day, either.

  7. We don’t caucus. We have a regular vote. We went late because we didn’t get home until later and there weren’t many people. The paper said turnout was heavy though.

    Those toys are a favorite here but they make a VERY light kitty meal. 🙂

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