Dear City of Minneapolis: I would be much happier if my tap water didn’t smell like dead fish. Thank you.

Congrats to Janna, who won the copy of Julia Barrett’s newly released steamy romance, Beauty and the Feast!

Oh! You only have until 8 pm today (March 17) to enter your picks for DA BWAHA! The grand prize is an iPad…

  • I wish I was kidding in the title about my tap water.
  • Ewww!
  • Minneapolis gets its water out of the Mississippi River.
  • All hail the Brita pitcher!
  • On Sunday, we hit a record-breaking high temperature of 64F.
  • Very, very unusual for March in Minnesota.
  • All the snow is gone, except for the biggest piles.
  • The rivers are flooding, since the snow melted before the ground thawed.
  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
  • Is it weirder that my cats have their own email addresses and respond to comments directed at them, or that some of you carry on conversation with my cats in email? 😉
  • I wonder how long I’ll have this post-it reminding me to throw out the scary old eggs in the fridge before I remember to throw out the scary old eggs in the fridge?
  • I continue to slog away on the leg of the first sock.
  • Would you like to see the sock?
  • Tough. You’re going to see it anyway:

“Oh, what have we here?” -Mayhem

“Needles or yarn, needles or yarn – which to bite through first?” -Mayhem

  • Eeep! *rescues sock and needles*
  • Maybe next time I’ll get a cat-free photo.
  • Well, I can always dream, right?! 🙂

52 thoughts on “Dear City of Minneapolis: I would be much happier if my tap water didn’t smell like dead fish. Thank you.”

  1. Bummer on the water situation, hope the city sort that out soon…

    We are also having some excellent weather over here as well – I have washing on the line, IN MARCH!!!! – can you believe it…

    I agree with you on the Brita – couldn’t live without mine….

    I am one of the crazy loons that speak to your cats and very pleased I am….

    Luv yu katz — yez I do…. email me az soon az yu iz up……

    .-= Erotic Horizon´s last blog ..Reviewette – Q & A: Echoes of the Future © Burn – Aleksandr Voinov =-.

  2. ew… good luck on the water situation! (and maybe not so weird about the cats email or the convo’s 🙂 )

  3. Oops, that comment was actually from me, the human, not Pepper and Bartholamew 😉 (see, nothing weird about cats online! LOL)

  4. Everytime I fill my Brita, I think of you and when you were down!

    What’s wrong with carrying on conversations with your cats…?? You should really be worried about MY cats carrying on correspondences with YOUR guys. Just sayin’. That “no opposable thumbs” deal is BS.
    .-= Brigitte´s last blog ..Just Stuff =-.

  5. There was a long period of time when our water tasted like sulfur. We didn’t drink tap water until we moved here…the water here is, surprisingly, quite clean.

    It’s supposed to get quite warm this weekend…and then next week it’s supposed to drop down to single digits again. I heard some people talking this week about how winter is over, spring is here, and I was all, ‘Silly Canadians, don’t you know that we usually get snow until the end of APRIL?’ I mean, this IS Canada. 😉

  6. I’m with you on the water. Bloomington gets its water from the same place. It’s hard to feel clean when you’re bathing in dirty swamp water.
    .-= Buster´s last blog ..Neglect =-.

  7. Gah, the smell of dead fish is I believe the reason why one of the races I did in its inaugural year never returned to Boston. Tap water that smells like dead fish is right next to running near the fish docks in August for things I don’t want to experience (again).
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..driveway lake =-.

  8. Hahhha. Sometimes, we seriously wonder if a perch is going to jump out of the shower head.

    I believe our water company gets it out of the lake we live on. O.o

  9. nothing is weird about your cats having their own email or the conversations…. unless of course… that means that me carrying on conversations with my pups is supposed to be weird too.. cuz they answer me, lol!!

    ohhhh liking the weather or what!!!!!
    can we say thank goodness hump day is here!

  10. Eww, ewwww, ewwwww.

    “Is it weirder that my cats have their own email addresses and respond to comments directed at them, or that some of you carry on conversation with my cats in email?”

    Um both?

    It’s going to be 60F here today which will an all-time record high. We’ve broken the records all week. But next week midweek the high will be below freezing and snow. Waaaah. Bloody mother nature.

  11. I’ve got well water and if I forget and let my sediment filter go too long, it gets nasty.

    there, i just saved you the embarrassment of asking me what it’s like when i let my sediment filter go too long

    .-= furiousball´s last blog ..The Sun Is Shining =-.

  12. Gahhh – that ‘algae bloom’ is the worst. On my very first trip to St. Paul for work I got food poisoning and the tap water smelled like dead fish. Vomiting and smelling the tap water is something one doesn’t forget. Amazing I ever came back.
    .-= Mary Lou´s last blog ..Learn Something New Every Day =-.

  13. “Is it weirder that my cats have their own email addresses and respond to comments directed at them, or that some of you carry on conversation with my cats in email?”

    Um, neither? And it sounds like plenty of people agree with me. This is perfectly normal.

    Pretty blue sock! I’m glad it got rescued from Miss May.
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..Week 11: Sherlock Holmes =-.

  14. Sorry to hear about your water…I’ve always wanted to try the Brita system – do you like it?

    I’ve not communicated with cats via e-mail – now I’m wondering if I’m missing out?

  15. We buy our drinking water here. Very high mineral content, and not good minerals (think Erin Brokovich–but supposedly naturally occuring). I’ve been told that cancer patients are told not to drink our tap water.

    Pretty blue for the sock! Did you dye it yourself? Can you imagine what May would do if you had some the that feathery/ furry yarn?! The excitement might cause kitty apoplexy.
    .-= Brenda´s last blog ..Week in Photos =-.

  16. OMG! You are so right – I did re-write the past and I did already send Janna the book. This is what I get for not sleeping and working the day job! Arrrggghhh! Sometimes our water smells like mildew. I think fish is worse. Is it carp or whitefish or pike?

  17. So sorry about the stinky water. That’s disgusting! And no amount of lemon in your water will help, I’m sure. I remember traveling through Davenport Iowa as a kid and at many of the places there they had yellowish, stinky water. I wonder if both of your water comes from the same place?

    Btw, was that your name as the co-winner over at Lisabea’s blog? If so, congrats! If not, you too have a doppelganger out there.

  18. What is a cat-free photo? No matter who or what I take a picture of , there is always a cat in it.

    Our city water is pretty nasty, too.

  19. Dead fish. Sorry ’bout that. Have the cats been particularly attentive to the faucets?

    Oh the weather. She is in that changeable season. Today I wear shorts (I’m warm). By this weekend it’s supposed to snow again, adding to the melt-resistant not-from-nature remnants. Yeah. You know who you are!
    .-= Karen B.´s last blog ..If this is Chicago… =-.

  20. All your snow is now in the Missippi River across from my office and its flooding. Not over the sidewalk yet though.

    Florida water really stinks.

    I like talking to your cats, I feel like they are on an equal playing level.

    I need a nap.

    Have you thrown away the eggs yet?
    .-= Rebekah´s last blog ..Abner and Django Play Ball =-.

  21. Yuk, dead fish – seriously? And you use this water to wash in? Urggh.
    Makes me feel less bad at the price we pay for our tap water – it is actually very clean and pure.
    I bet your cats don’t complain though!

  22. No, it is not weird that your cats have their own email addresses and no it is not weird that I enjoy getting email from Mayhem. (The first time I did, I was like huh, but maybe I’m wierd because I liked it.)

  23. I am going to risk the wrath of the snow gods and say “HA!” – no snowstorms this March Madness!

  24. I’m sure the cats are loving the tuna flavored drinking water today! I don’t really think its at all strange that the kitties have their own email.. after all, doesn’t Wendy’s cat (Lucy) have a Facebook page?

  25. Frankly, I enjoy my conversations with your cats, despite Chaos’ superior attitude. 😉

    Sheesh, I thought my chlorine scented tap water was bad, but it’s far preferable to blechy fish. *gag*

  26. We get our water from the Tennessee River. There’s usually a period in the spring when the water turns over and gets a funky smell and taste.

    What’s weird about about cats having email addresses and carrying on email conversations? 😉 Seriously my ferrets have made real phone calls, sent email, and signed into chat rooms. One ferret called a wildlife refuge. Even some ferrets that passed away long ago still have email addresses. To my knowledge, they’ve quit emailing though. 🙂
    .-= Sydney´s last blog ..A Blogiversary, And Suddenly It’s Spring =-.

  27. The fish-flavored water is a rite of spring in Mpls, iirc. It too shall pass.

    What yarn is in those socks? It looks suspiciously like the Cherry Tree Hill I used for #1 Son’s Christmas hat.
    .-= kmkat´s last blog ..Memememe. =-.

  28. yay – new socks!
    sorry about the fishy smell. that’s disgusting.
    I highly recommend the britta tap filter – seems to work better than the pitcher (yeah, I have city water issues also)
    .-= Teyani´s last blog ..a weekend off… =-.

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