In which I finish a pair of socks, bitter cold notwithstanding

‘Tis the season for destashing! Wanda’s having a multipart yarn stash sale. Mouse is also starting a multipart stash sale – yesterday was fiber and novelty yarns.

It must also be the season for contests! Brace yourselves…

To celebrate her birthday, the Knit Witch is collecting embarassing stories – share your embarassing story with her by midnight EST, January 23, and you could win yarn or a yarn bowl.

Guess how many baby socks Diane knitted in the first 20 days of January and you could win some sock yarn! Contest closes at noon EST, January 25.

Ambermoggie’s having a contest to brighten up the dark winter days and to thank everyone for their good thoughts during Mr. Mogs’s cancer woes. Leave a comment about why you’re looking forward to spring and you could win some goodies (orange yarn, stitch markers, and an elemental figure). Contest closes January 26.

Phyl’s having a pet foot contest (The Central Park Footie) – send her a picture of your pet’s foot by 6 pm EST, January 27, and you could be eligible for sock yarn.


Knitting Update
I know, I know – probably poor Marina’s fallen over in shock. 😉 I finally finished my plain old socks! The yarn is Wisdom Yarns, Marathon Socks – Boston (color 212), knit on 2mm needles. I love this colorway! Stripey blue, purple, and black – life is good.

“What? What do you mean, I’m not the subject of this photo?!” -Mayhem

“Fine, be that way. But I’m sure everyone will like the other photo better!” -Mayhem

33 thoughts on “In which I finish a pair of socks, bitter cold notwithstanding”

  1. Wait, why do I have to destash again? I always thought my stash was too small…um, don’t ask my husbands opinion.

    Great colorway on those socks. Why is it we blow through patterned socks and drag our feet (no pun intended) with plain ol socks.

  2. Wow, Marina is going to fall over, what with the amount of FOs we’ve been showing off! Nice…I love blues/purples.

    Aw, May really does looked a bit stunned that she’s not the center of attention in that first shot!

  3. Here’s where I pretend to know what you mean by “colourway” (gotta add the U, ya know…):

    Oooh! What a great colourway! I love colourways! Colourways for Prez!

  4. Just discovered your blog – love your cats and your knitting! I’ve got two orange ones that are rather similar to yours. The socks are wonderful!

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