For want of content, a meme was done

Usually I don’t do memes or awards. I’ll thank you politely in your comments for thinking of me, and then occasionally will toss the award into my sidebar for a while. But every once in a while, an award hits when I’m not coming up with blog content for the next day… Such was the case with the Over the Top blog award presented to me by Tam of Tam’s Reads. Gee, thanks, Tam! 😉

Shall we see if I can, as directed, answer the following questions using a single word? (Additional questions and editorializing added for fun.)

Your cell phone? Dumb
Your hair? Out-of-control
Your mother? Estranged
Your father? Enthusiastic
Your favorite food? Peanut butter (hmph – I’m not going to pick a food that isn’t my favorite simply to comply with an arbitrary rule!)
Your dream last night? None
Your favorite drink? Water
Your music? Eclectic
Your dream/goal? Happiness
What room are you in? Living room (see previous aside)
Your hobby? Reading
Your fear? Spinning blades (anyone else see a pattern developing here?)
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Canada
You? Non-conformist
Where were you last night? Home
Something that you aren’t? Patient
Muffins? Cherry-Almond
Wish list item? Ebooks
Where did you grow up? Minnesota
Last thing you did? Ate dark chocolate (gold star if you can say that using a single word)
What are you wearing? Clothes
Your TV? Unplugged
Your pets? Bossy
Friends? Virtual
Your life? Comfortable
Your mood? Level
Missing someone? No
Vehicle? Beemer
Something you’re not wearing? Shoes
You? Whimsical
Your favorite store? Varies
Your favorite color? Black (it is so a color)
When was the last time you laughed? Today (I laugh a lot – I’m easily amused)
Last time you cried? Unsure (but there was an angsty book involved)
Your best friend? Mysterious
One place that you go to over and over? Google Reader
Facebook? Abstaining
Favorite place to eat? PizzaPizza (frightfully inconvenient that it’s in Toronto)

Feel free to tag yourself if desired. 🙂

“Mom, make the big kitty stop snoring! He woke me up again! We panther princesses need our beauty sleep!” -Mayhem

“Hey! I don’t snore!!” -Chaos, offsides

32 thoughts on “For want of content, a meme was done”

  1. I’m so proud of you. *sniff* *sniff* 😀

    Sean Kennedy is now harassing me on Facebook and calling me names cause I’m not on Twitter. The man is cruel I tell you. I have a feeling I’ll like cave soon. Sigh. I’m such a sheep. Baaaaah.

  2. What do you expect when you put all those half nakid men on your blog? Love the list. Is Toronto where you’d like to live? Pizza sounds good.
    Mayhem, you have the perfect cozy place to sleep. I’m amazed you can hear anything in that little cave.
    .-= margene´s last blog ..Tasty Tuesday III =-.

  3. Aw, thanks, CJ! The “I must get a haircut now vibe hit me yesterday – I really need to get about 4″ hacked off the ends.

  4. This is a cool meme, especially for those of us with one minute attention spans. And can I tell you how relieved I am that you were wearing clothes when you did it?

  5. It’s always such fun to learn a bit about my online friends.

    Poor May, I feel your pain. I hate trying to sleep around someone who snores.

  6. “Your favorite color? Black (it is so a color)”

    Correct, it is the combination of all colors. Now white, on the other hand, is the absence of color.

    😉 I love it when I can geek out with my graphic design side!
    .-= Miranda´s last blog ..Contest Bar =-.

  7. Now did that hurt at all… lol…
    **sniff sniff** I am so proud of you… this has been a long awaiting event!

    Hope you have a great day hon… Now that that traumatic event is over!

    Mayhem… I completely understand you! My alpha hubby and alpha puppy both snore! Maybe we can ship them all somewhere… Like Snore camp or something…

  8. Peanut butter does rule! Almond butter is pretty good too, as is cashew butter, but cashews make me sick to the tummy.

    Poor Mayhem! My husband snores sometimes too. His start softly and build to a loud snort, and then the sequence starts all over again. I find the hum of a box fan very helpful, or you could just nip Chaos when he starts to snore.
    .-= Brenda´s last blog ..Week in Photos =-.

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