This isn’t quite what I had in mind for the meaning of “Best Friend”…

Thanks for the great ideas for making yesterday’s unworn sweaters more wearable! I’ll have Chaos get right on that…

Project: Best Friend Jacket from The Knit Stitch, knit in Skacel Ethno
Here’s another sweater that I don’t wear as much as I should. It’s gorgeous. I love how it turned out, but… the asymmetrical front bothers me – I didn’t expect it to. And, um, I got really confused when I was finishing the sweater. The ends are woven in… on the outside. Whoops! (Don’t even ask… really, because I have no good explanation.) Good thing the texture of this yarn camoflages that problem!

“Oh boy, what’s this on the floor?”
“Can I get in it?”
“Why yes..”
“…yes, I can.”
“Hee hee – she’ll never find me now!”

“This is the life. I love this new cat bed!”

So the question of the day… is it Chaos? Or Isadora, visiting from Imbrium’s blog? Or Cricket, visiting from Maeve’s blog? We suspect that there may be numerous black blobs roaming between blogs, similar to the portrait network in Harry Potter… Be alert!