The gallery of unworn sweaters (now featuring blobs!)

I have an assortment of handknit sweaters I never wear because of problems that need correcting. My intention was to present them here and solicit suggestions. The intentions of the Cat Chaotic, however, were somewhat different…

Project: Bulky top-down v-neck tunic (#996), knit with Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran
Problem: Bottom edge (several rows of garter stitch) flips up. Mild blocking didn’t seem to fix this. I would prefer not to add more length to the garter stitch bit, as I think it will look odd. Maybe heavier blocking?

Chaos has apparently already started on that.

Project: Sitcom Chic, knit with Lion Brand Cotton-Ease
Problem: Front bands are rolling way too much. Probably can be corrected with serious blocking/acrylic killing?

Chaos is awaiting the verdict before he gets started on this one.

Project: Rosedale, knit with Noro Kureyon that I got several years ago from Anmiryam!
Problem: This was my first bottom-raglan and the sleeves are a wee bit long. Since the corrugated ribbing is stiff, I can’t simply push this up my arms when it gets in my way. I think I need to snip into the cuffs about an inch from the bottom, pick up the stitches, and bind off. Any other ideas? Eunny knows how I am about snipping knits…
Edit: The corrugated rib cuffs are too tightly fitted to fold over, alas. The sleeves were knit from cuff up, then knit into the body of the sweater (to help with stripe matching).

Chaos is flummoxed here, as he does not know how to use scissors… yet.
So he’s just passing the time until we get some feedback.: