Can’t blog – vacuuming

Sylvie of ChezPlum is having a contest. If you’ve knit one of her patterns (including the free ones) and have pictures, you could win French yarn, needles, or patterns. Contest closes January 15.

For the past few years, I’ve been using the same Rainbow vacuum cleaner I vacuumed with as a child. The Rainbow is still a darn good vacuum cleaner, but I’m tired of dealing with the sludge (it uses a water basin instead of bags), the cannister doesn’t fit in the closet, and the unwieldy attachments seemingly have miles of tubing and always fall out of the closet onto me or the kitties. Enough! So as my Christmas present to myself, I bought a Dyson Slim Vac, which fits nicely into the closet and doesn’t use bags, either. I love it – amazing how much less onerous vacuuming is when you don’t hate the vacuum! (If my brother is reading this, he should definitely not mention to Dad that the Rainbow will be returning to his garage this weekend…)

“This is so much less scary than that old R2-D2 style vacuum. Its motor made horrible noises and the wheels squeaked! I had to flee and hide from it, which isn’t good for my image.” -Chaos

“I’m not sure, big kitty. I think it’s trying to lure us into a sense of complacency… then it will strike and take us out! Do you have any idea how many kitties are consumed by vacuum cleaners every year?!” -Mayhem