Wholey woe

Thanks to everyone who left cheering or indignant-on-my-behalf comments yesterday – they were much appreciated. Particular thanks to the many who offered the loan of their boisterous children, all sure to make my cats seem quiet in comparison. 😉

Having trouble finding your holiday spirit? Thanks to brainylady for this link – you can “knit” tacky, gaudy, retina-scorching holiday sweaters to your heart’s content. Be warned that if you follow that link, there is music.

Reading Update
Dark Demon: The Carpathians (Dark) Series, Book 13 by Christine Feehan. Pay attention, everyone. This is critical information. If you happen across the phrase “her feminine channel” in a book, you should throw said book away immediately and apologize to the library later. Trust me on this one.
Unmanned by Lois Greiman. The fourth book of a series I said I wouldn’t bother to continue reading after I finished reading one. Um, those words sure are tasty, eh?
Falling Man by Don DeLillo. Don DeLillo specializes in powerful and disturbing novels about big events and societal shifts. His novel White Noise remains a timely read more than 20 years after it was written. At its most basic, Falling Man is about a 9/11 survivor. But it’s also about Alzheimer’s, performance art, poker, family, separation, and the various ways that people reacted to 9/11 in the months and years following the events. Although the novel is only 246 pages, it took me over a week to read in small doses – apparently I needed plenty of absorption time.

Have some lovely handknit socks that have holes worn in them, but you can’t bear to darn them or throw them away? You could turn them into hand or toe warmers! Apparently I’m all set. (These socks sure didn’t last that long – I finished knitting them on 3/26/06.)

*sniff sniff sniff* “I have come to the inescapable conclusion that these severely malformed black cats are not actually cats at all!” -Mayhem

30 thoughts on “Wholey woe”

  1. Does May run in terror when those severely malformed black cats ‘chase’ her all over? That’s where I wear out my socks too… and the bottom of the heel. Noisy kids, what a fabulous idea! Can’t say no to kids, because that would be discrimination!

  2. Wow – did you walk over shards of glass? BTW, as I write this, I can heard the thundering paws of Sammy running like a mad kitty upstairs!! I’ve never heard Tig do this so perhaps it’s a black kitty thing?

  3. I keep wondering if putting kitties in a crate would help?
    (I don’t like the idea at all. But still, short of moving?)
    And I’m hoping the management will laugh in her face!

  4. That holiday sweater page is over the top! Wow.

    Why does everyone have such an aversion to darning their handknit socks? Isn’t it good that we can make them last longer? I just don’t get it (but then, I kind of enjoy darning…)

  5. Funny … I was just looking at a pair of socks from 2006 last night (laundry day!) and thinking how worn they looked. Although, my problem is the opposite — instead of growing holes, they seem to have felted at the heels, and the color is very faded. Oh, and there lots of fuzzy areas — not pills, but still attached to the sock. I don’t wear them any more than any other handknit sock, but they are in sad shape.

  6. I’ve been thinking about reading some Delillo. Maybe I’ll start with White Noise.

    You mean hand knit socks get holes? Get out! Just like the ones from the store? Damn.

  7. I wish I could adequately express how much I love your witty “cat” commentary under the photos!

    I also wish I could adequately express how irritated I am with your neighbor. They’re cats for crying out loud. If she wants to live in peace and quiet, what’s she doing in a CITY? I used to live under what had to be a 300 pound woman. Believe me, I would prefer your cats!

  8. I’m just getting caught up on blog reading. Sorry to hear about your issue with the neighbor. I don’t have any suggestions for quieting the thunderpaws, but I hope things go well for you with management!

  9. I never even thought of sending you Oliver, but lemmie tell ya, your neighbour would be BEGGING for the return of the kitties if you let Oliver loose in your apartment. I’m ready to ship him off…just let me know. 😉

  10. If I was May, I’d be chasing those slippers. I got a really fun book in Boston which showed you how to make things out of old socks and gloves 🙂

  11. Thanks for the tip on the Christine Feehan books. I was actually thinking of trying one.

    My condolensces on the demise of your sock. 🙁

  12. Sigh… neighbors. Good luck with management, and enjoy Christmas! My brother’s b-day party on Wed went very well, and I had a great visit home to MN. Sorry I missed out on seeing you, though! Next time…

  13. Condolences on the holey socks. Such a short life. 🙂 LOL at “her feminine channel”. I’ll be sure to stay clear.

    Back to designing tacky sweaters….

  14. Arrrrgh, my sister’s downstairs neighbors log and report them if the door so much as clicks shut! It makes me so angry. If you want perfect peace and quiet, don’t live in an apartment building in the city!

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