Have you been gnawty or gnice?

Happy birthday to my “little” brother today! 🙂

Well, I’ve apparently been gnawty as I’ve experimented with a WordPress plugin to stick a copyright notice at the beginning of my feeds in bloglines. Any change to the pesky thing would send a bunch of updates to bloglines, plus my feed kept getting scraped anyway. So that’s one plugin I’m not using anymore! Sorry for any annoyance all those fake updates might have caused anyone.

But MrsPao and Pao must not have thought me too gnawty, since they sent a holiday package! (Shhhh… I might’ve opened it early.) (But I had a really good excuse reason. The box contained gifts for Jeanne, too, and since she and her husband Michael were over Sunday night, it made sense for us to open our gifts together, right?) (Why were they over? Sheesh! Full of questions, aren’t you? We were on our way out for some tasty Thai at Chiang Mai. Then we walked over to the Lagoon Cinema to see Blade Runner: The Final Cut. I found some parts of that Vangelis score a bit distracting due to their obvious 1980s electronica sound – in previous cuts, the narration covers a lot of the overdone parts of the score. I think I like the 1992 Director’s Cut best.) (Bit of me trivia – I saw Blade Runner in the theater during its original 1982 release.)

Anyway! The Paos sent some P.D. James mysteries, my beloved dark chocolate-covered rice cakes (mmmmmm), a chocolate bunny, some divine purple angora/cashmere/wool yarn, a Furry Feathery Wand Toy (FFWT) for Mayhem, and Sparkly Red Fabric Mice (SRFM) for Chaos! Thank you!

*sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff* -Chaos & Mayhem

Chaos seemed to enjoy the SRFMs.

“I’ll get you, my pretty!” -Chaos

And I think Mayhem might like the FFWT… What do you think?! (None of her paws are touching the ground in this picture, as Chaos lurks in the background…)

*mwmph* -Mayhem

27 thoughts on “Have you been gnawty or gnice?”

  1. Happy Day to your brother. Big Blade Runner fan and if Mr. hadn’t been scheduled back into town on Sunday I’d be mad at not being included on Sunday!!

  2. Oooo – the kits look ferocious! I really prefer the Directors Cut as well, I saw it in the theater too, and when I saw it again recently I was shaking my head at the parts that I must’ve missed the first time around.

  3. And here I thought (based on the critics’ reactions) that I was the only person on the freaking planet who loved Blade Runner and was looking forward to the new release.

    Kindred spirit!!!!

    And I loveloveloved the kitties with their new toys. Laughed out loud, I did. All alone. In the living room. They haul you away for that sort of thing, you know.

  4. I’d say that you have gnot been gnawty at all ! (grin) the coal-in-the-stocking awards go to the real gnawers in the house.. heh heh.. yeah, those two cuties at the end.,

  5. Your kitties are so cute! I love the presents for them… I think it’s about time I buy my kitties some new toys, too. They’re resorting to playing with rubber bands.

  6. Get ’em, Chaos! Looks like the kitties are having much fun. Nice haul!

    I apparently completely missed the point of Blade Runner. According to the director, I’m a moron.

  7. I bet that C&M have the absolute best stocked toy closet in the world. I still think they should write reviews for the rest of the blog kitties, so their persons know what to get them for Christmas. What do they think of the crinkle sacks?

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