Misadventures in Stock Photography (Part the Nineteenth: Another Guy in a Tie)

Kris was actually the first to find this guy on a few covers, but she has graciously given me permission to expand on her post. Thanks, Kris!

Meet Tie Guy Two (or Tie Guy, Too, if you prefer). iStockphoto had many different photos of TGT, with and without his tie. Here are several examples, although so far I haven’t seen any covers using that second photo, for some reason. ­čśë

“Don’t make me mad. You won’t like it when I’m mad.”

As our story begins, TGT says, “

. When we hang out together at

, I insist that you

.” Yeah, whatever – spiffy red tie you have there, TGT. And the tail… well. You really, really should have horns with that tail. Just sayin’.

Alas, the red tie and tail must’ve clashed with his aviator goggles, since he switched back to the grey.

And now, back to our incoherent little story. TGT hired a

with whom to share some

. But

didn’t tell poor TGT about certain… complications in his life, such as his girlfriend. Realizing that he was now stuck in the thankless role of

and all around

, TGT abandoned his dreams of

and called his now ex an

as he went forth to start his new life. Having been

in the arts of financial management as well as in the arts of pleasure, TGT found a nice banking job

that didn’t require him to wear a shirt with his tie. The end. Thankfully! ­čÖé

“Oh, no! Another wicked, wicked boy! I can’t bear to look.” -Mayhem