And now… more socks!

I wasn’t particularly tempted by this month’s Sockamania pattern until I saw Limedragon’s gorgeous socks last week… then I cast on within a few hours! I used Noro Silk Garden Lite. As per usual, it was a toss-up whether the gorgeous colors of the Noro were worth suffering through the atrocious quality control – besides the usual twigs and other vegetative matter spun into the yarn, there was a colorway breaking knot in one of the skeins. See the abrupt change from yellow to orange near the top of the leftmost sock?!??? Grrrrr….

Oh well, it’s not like anyone’s going to see the top of the socks anyway – these are warm and will be great for inside my Birkie clogs on cold days at work this winter.

“Ha ha, big kitty, I got here first!” -Mayhem

“This is my new cat bed, and you’d better not forget it! That includes you, Mom.” -Mayhem