In which Mayhem goes to the vet

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Mayhem’s Big Adventure
Yesterday was Mayhem’s annual trip to the vet for a checkup and some shots. She was very, very quiet for the entire trip, which she spent huddled into a very small ball. She weighed 10.3 pounds, up from 3.1 pounds at the same time last year! The vet was particularly impressed by her soft, shiny fur and asked what I fed her (Innova EVO).

“This sucks.” -Mayhem

At first, Chaos hissed at her a lot when we got home – I wonder if he thought he was an only cat again?! But he did unbend after a bit.

“I guess you’re the same cat that was here before. Taste like it, at least.” -Chaos

“Hmph.” -Mayhem

After feeling horribly guilty for the entire trip to the vet because May looked so miserable, I don’t think she was permanently scarred by the experience – see how suspicious she is of the cat carrier?! 😉

“Don’t look! My foot is too dirty to appear on the blog! Mom! Stop! Don’t use this picture!” -Mayhem

“Hmm, I wonder if I’ll get abducted again if I go in there…” -Mayhem

“Hey, big kitty… Hee hee hee.” -Mayhem

42 thoughts on “In which Mayhem goes to the vet”

  1. Awww, poor little Mayhem! Gandalf has his annual scheduled in a couple of weeks. Whoever’s been at the vet always gets hissed at by whoever was at home, I guess they smell the vet’s office…

    Cool carrier, by the way…

  2. Poor Mayhem, Chaod must’ve been telling her stories about cats getting abducted by aliens again…No wonder she was huddled into a little ball: she thought that they were going to take her to the planet Vetonia and that she would never return.

  3. As catstaff, I am required to use the Sherpa carriers! They are far more comfortable than the old plastic ventilated models.

    Glad to see May recovered from her ordeal!

  4. Awww, poor May! I hate having to take my girls in, too — I always feel so guilty when they are spending the whole car trip howling from the bottom of their guts.

    And Chaos recovered quickly from Mayhem’s trauma! At our house, Abby growls for days whenever ANYONE goes to the vet!

  5. Well at least she was well behaved at the vet- my dog comes form a rescue orginisation- I don’t know what the vets did to him before we got him – but if he sees a vet he will always try to take a chunk out of them!

  6. Maybe Chaos just didn’t like the smell of the vets office on May…too much of a reminder of his own visits. It’s great to hear May is a healthy kitty!

  7. Yea – I’ve been spending way too much time at the vet lately – Kona actually had to go in for surgery/biopsy today. However, silly dog really likes it at the vet.

  8. Oh the howling when I had to take Nutmeg to the vet. It was only a four minute drive from our old place but the wails! Then when I walked Cheshire to the vet, the querulous whining! (The vet is a three minute walk from our place back home)

  9. Glad May is doing well and suffered no ill effects from her trip to the vet. Chaos was rather rude when she returned; he better hope she is nicer to him when he comes home from the vet.

  10. Awww poor May, going to the vet is never fun, even if there are cat treats involved.

    Whenever my mom took one of her cats to the vet, the other cat always hissed when the cat came home. We finally figured it was because they smelled funny.

  11. Hmmm…you have just a bit to catch up with me in the weight department, but you’re still a kitten, May!
    (Of course, the vet told Mommie I was “chubby,” CAN YOU BELIEVE THE NERVE OF THAT MAN??? I’m 11 pounds. He says I need to lose a pound. Harrummph!)

  12. Ah yes, the dreaded trip to the vet! Mine has to go once a month for her shot and she howls the whole way there and back. which she has done for the last 3 years…..You’d think by now she’d have the drill down….sheesh.

  13. Yeah, what is it with all the hissing? Whenever we get back from the vet, Hazel, my three color tabby just hisses at everyone. It’s takes her a good three days to get over the affront.

  14. Poor thing… Pepper weighed about 10 lbs on her one (and a half) year check up. 🙂

    My two are real funny with the carrier… I leave it out and they BOTH (not at the same time) sleep in the thing! but when it’s time to go to the vet, boy are the evil. Mostly Bartholamew (Pepper’s just quiet. Bartholamew is EVIL!)

  15. yeah, I can tell she’s really askeert of the carrier!

    10+ pounds, eh? It must be all in her cuteness, because she doesn’t look an ounce over 9.

  16. Poor Mayhem! Trips to the vet can be so traumatic (even when they are only a checkup!) I’m glad to hear that the trip went well and May survived, maybe chaos felt left out since he didn’t get to go? hehe right…

  17. You take them separately? I can’t bear to go more frequently than necessary. Plus I feel like he vet needs to get into the Orange Kitty Zone. But then, you only have to wrangle one at a time…

    Ooh, look at her glisten!

  18. Poor May. Not only did she have to go to the vet but Chaos hisses at her because she smells funny. Katie always gets a little insecure when it’s time to go to the vet. The ferret love going to the vet though. To them, it’s an adventure.

  19. Poor Mayhem. And then she comes home smelling funny.

    And your turn to go to the vet next week! The things we do to make our cats feel at ease. 😉

    Chaos, I’m pretty sure all you have to do is meow and we’ll get you or your mom or your sis anything you need.

  20. Funny how Chaos hissed!

    I always feel really bad taking Thunder to the vets and he hates his carrier too. And is always traumatised after….

    This year a different vet said he was a little overweight and Thunder did not like her and jumped into my arms and stayed there – he’s never done that before. I wasn’t too happy with the vet ….. nor was Thunder after she jabbed him!

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