No earworms today!

Probably everybody could use a break from earworms, eh? 😉 I don’t have much of anything today – I’m very sleepy this morning and ready for the work week to be over. I wonder if anyone would notice if I took a nap under my desk?

At one point yesterday evening, Minneapolis was under a severe thunderstorm warning, tornado warning, flash flood warning, and an urban and small stream flood advisory, and the sirens went off four times in an hour. Very exciting!

“I don’t like storms. They’re loud and scary. I’ll just hug Mom’s Birkenstock until it’s safe again. If you’re looking for the big kitty, he’s hiding behind the toilet.” -Mayhem

Have a great weekend, everyone!

34 thoughts on “No earworms today!”

  1. Wow… Chaos and May develop some bad taste when they get scared — hanging out with shoes and toilets? My cat usually goes under the bed when it storms and communes with the dust bunnies — that’s not any beter than toilets and shoes, I suppose.

    I heard 494 was flooded yet again. Minneapolis has just been pounded with storms this year.

  2. Really? Chaos hides behind the toilet? I’ve never had a cat that was scared of storms. Now, we had a dog that used to hide under the bed…but never a cat.

    Yea, Puck had a football game last night at 6:30 – guess what – they played! (and won, ahem..)

  3. I’m so slow…I asked Little Man what advice we should give your kitties but then got distracted and forgot to post it. I’ll quote him anyway as I think it’s the most unique advice you’ll get:

    “Watch out for spiders or they will eat your computer.”

    Not sure if Chaos and Mayhem are bug hunters, but there you go….:-)

  4. Mayhem – I’m not so fond of storms either but I think under the bed is the best place to wait them out. Sometimes when Momma is knitting I sit under the sofa instead (why aren’t they ‘fraid of storms?) Please tell Chaos about the whole under the bed thing, it’s much cozier than behind the toilet… Pepper

  5. *giggle* My first kitty Kate used to hide behind the toilet 😉 Cute May, don’t worry I’m sure Mom is doing her best to keep the storm outside! Hope you feel better soon Chris!

  6. I had heard about that! A friend of mine landed in MSP and promptly called me and told me of a tornado warning near mom and dad’s. I haven’t talked to them yet to find out what if anything happened. I think the warning was for places east of them, but in the same county.

    Have a nice, storm-free weekend!

  7. Hmmm, I have a thunderstorm CD that is allegedly in real surround sound, may have to try it at the weekend and see what the cats do!

  8. I got caught up in the storms while trying to drive home last night! yikes! (I took refuge in Sam’s Club – we needed cat food)

    We had some spectacular storms by me this morning too. When I left for work, the 360 view was sunrise thru clouds, clear, more clouds, stormy clouds, another clear spot, more clouds, etc. very bizarre.

  9. It was a wild one wasn’t it. Hopefully we’re done now for the year.

    I have no idea if Jack or Benny hide (I bed Jack does)because I’m that crazy lady you hear about whose outside watching when it hits & will eventually get blown away.

  10. Harley is under the bed whenever it storms. Simon was never afraid of storms until the one that blew the shed down — after that he was terrified of them (and I wasn’t too happy either!).

    When you think about it, behind the toilet is probably a very, very safe place to hide during a storm!

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