You know I hate knitting thumbs…

Don’t forget to enter my contest! Deadline is 5 pm CDT, Wednesday, September 19.

Diane’s curious about fair judging – guess which two of her items won blue ribbons at her local fair, and you could win sock yarn! Leave your guesses by September 24.

Sarah’s hosting a preemie knit-a-thon in gratitude for the knitters who clothed her tiny PeeWee when she was born premature. There are all sorts of ways to participate in her knit-a-thon and contest before November 29, such as knitting items for your local NICU.

Reading Update
Whack A Mole by Chris Grabenstein. The most recent John Ceepak mystery is another good read (well, duh, I guess, since I’ve read the three-book series in less than two weeks, eh?).
Deadly Advice: An Advice Column Mystery by Roberta Isleib. It was ok, but will I read any others when they come out? This was the first Advice Column mystery, in which psychologist Rebecca Butterman tries to figure out how her next door neighbor really died. I admit to picking this up simply because it had a condo, a cat, and a blog in it. 😉
Troll Bridge: A Rock’n’Roll Fairy Tale by Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple. Trolls and boy bands and dairy princesses and butter heads, oh my! This fantasy was a quick read that will be particularly fun for those familiar with Minnesota.
Scent of Darkness: Darkness Chosen, Book 1 by Christina Dodd. This series is about a family that can turn into predatory animals due to an ancient pact with the devil – the age old struggle of good and evil and how neither are purely one or the other. Well-written, but avoid if plentiful steamy scenes aren’t your thing!
The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes by Anne Stuart, Jennifer Crusie, and Eileen Dreyer. The three orphaned Fortune sisters are witches denying their often inconvenient power and on the run from their murderous aunt. Things get a bit complicated when their true loves turn up. More with the steamy scenes here! *fans self*

What Did I Buy?
Yesterday I mentioned that I did purchase something for myself at the Goods for the Woods craft fair in Grand Rapids (birthplace of Judy Garland!). Well, y’all know I hate to knit thumbs…

“Wow, Mom, this is some darn spiffy knitting. When did you do this? I must’ve missed it entirely.” -Mayhem

“Are you done with the pictures yet?! I have important things to do.” -Mayhem

“I see what you mean, Mayhem.” *sniff sniff sniff* -Chaos

“Nope, Mayhem, Mom sure as heck didn’t knit these. These are made from some pretty slick wool blankets. Tricky of her, eh?” -Chaos

32 thoughts on “You know I hate knitting thumbs…”

  1. Pretty mittens! Buying them is sometimes nicer than knitting them, I agree. : )

    Have you read the Molly Murphy mysteries by Rhys Bowen? I read most of them last week. I like how they are a series, but the characters, problems, and locations change from book to book.

  2. You’re reading list always has something I’m interested in!! Do you read all those, or listen or both? Buy or library? Just interested! Every time I see your list, I rush to see if I can find them in Audio…since that seems to be the only “reading” I can get done. 🙂

  3. So are those mitts polar fleece??????? Did you put up a link recently to a star nose mole pattern? I saw it recently and your book read reminded me of it.

  4. Oh, that kind of knitting thumbs! Cute mittens. Purple even! It’s nice that Mayhem can still fit posing into her schedule….

    The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes, eh? I’d have to read it for the title alone. But the fanning and Jennifer Crusie, ooh la la.

  5. pretty! (and warm looking) Lol, had to switch the bed to the down comforter and flanel sheets this monring before work! Still refuse to turn on the heat yet though, well just long enough i the morn to warm it up for dead daughters shower!

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