The All-Seeing Eye of Chaos

Thanks, everyone, for your wonderful comments about both my Chaotic Black Purl Jaywalkers and my Crazy Chaotic Cat!

I’m still tossing around ideas for the Knitting Olympics and I’ll put together a list of possibilities in the very near future. Last night I cast on a new pair of… Jaywalkers. Yup. With that crazy, bright, unphotographable Anne I used for the Not-So-Red Scarf. Since I only have about an inch of sock, I’ll spare you that picture and leave you instead with….

The All-Seeing Eye of Chaos.

25 thoughts on “The All-Seeing Eye of Chaos”

  1. I’ll look forward to seeing the socks – pair 18? I can’t say that I’d ever considered knitting socks but since I saw your Chaotic black jaywalkers I’m now wondering how difficult it is. I have one of those knitting pattern a day calendars and it had a pattern for Jasper socks although they looked a bit big for his dainty little feet.

    Loved the photo of the all-seeing Chaos and how you and the camera were reflected in his eye.

  2. Thanks, MrsPao! Actually, I just learned that we’re supposed to be counting all of the socks we’ve knit, not just the ones for ourselves. So I need to do a bit of a recount.

    Marina – Oh, that just sounds scary to me. You’d all be voting for Eris for sure…

    Thanks, Mama_Tulip – I was playing with the “macro” and “super macro” settings on my camera last night…

  3. Eeek! Too close!

    That reminds me of a card I got for the Boyfriend…it was a photograph of an eyeball, very up close, and on the inside it said “The reason 89% of people prefer to kiss with their eyes closed.” It was freaky looking.

  4. Heh, Eileen and Snowball – Yeah, the only thing you’d have to worry about Chaos controlling you do do would be open a can of tuna. Altho if he willed you to find SRM, it could get ugly. (Dear SRM – Please write. Chaos misses you very much. He’s sorry about your ears, eye, nose, and tail.)

    Imbrium, Irene, and Pink Rocket – Not as scary as the picture I got of his tongue…

  5. Ow! The intense stare of that beautiful, but eerie, green eye is hurting me! Please turn it off, make it stop. I confess! I took SRM, I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist. You broke me, you Chaotic Cat, you.

  6. Great picture! I can see the camera and part of you in the reflection ;o) I love that effect in close-ups.

    So many socks! I keep starting pairs then ripping them out… too much going on and not enough time to do it in :o(

  7. Okay, those are officially my favorite Jaywalkers to date! Very cool…nice work Chris!

    Well, and Chaos….what can I say, he’s quite the handsome fella.. 🙂

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