Time for a contest!

At long last, I’m having a contest! 🙂 This is the belated birthday contest for Mayhem (who was one on May 31) and early birthday contest for Chaos (four years old on September 28). To participate, simply leave a comment with some useful advice for Chaos and/or Mayhem. Leave your comments by Wednesday, September 19, 5 pm CDT. Winners will be selected by random number, and no non-knitters will be forced to take a yarny prize if they really don’t want to (appropriate non-yarny prize to be substituted).

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month (and with October rushing toward us!), the first prize will be a “Think Pink” prize, featuring a breast cancer awareness travel mug from Caribou Coffee and a skein of luridly pink sock yarn that I dyed.

If you win the mug and yarn, I highly suggest washing the mug again before you use it… On the plus side, it does have the Mayhem Sniff of Approval.

*sniff sniff sniff* -Mayhem

Additional yarny prizes include a ball of Trekking 126 (look familiar?! I bought two!) and a nice aumtumny skein of One Sheep Hill sock yarn, donated by Yarnzilla.

“Dum de dum de dum de dum de dum.” -Mayhem

“Wait, this isn’t the same skein of yarn that was just here, is it?! I’m so confused! Where did that other skein go?” -Mayhem

126 thoughts on “Time for a contest!”

  1. Dear May and Chaos,

    Never pass up an opportunity to look bored. Or snooty.

    Always groom yourself after being petted; those humans can really mess up your coiffure.

    Never begin to eat immediately when food is placed before you. It might lead to your human into thinking she knows what you like and the demise of interesting variations in your diet.

    Always sniff the yarn.

    Never bite the needles. Or the yarn.

    Always seek out the sunshiney part of the room.

    Never miss an opportunity to nap. Or snuggle.

    Your friends,
    Hannibal and En Esch

  2. Dear Chaos and Mayhem,

    Happy Birthday! My birthday is in September too. My advice to you is, avoid eating things like curly ribbon which, while they are fun to eat, are harder to get out of either end. Plus they make my mom annoyed to have to clean up the mess… Anyways hope you have a wonderful party! 🙂

    Nutmeg (Kassia’s cat and queen of the house)

  3. Happy birthday kitties from the Bengals who came to live with us 2 years ago today!

    Advice for black cats–whenever you do something naughty, sit on or near something hot pink (like that amazing yarn) because Mom can’t stay mad when you are wearing your signature color.

  4. This is from Gimli (my black kittie) to Choas and Mayhem – Sleep a lot during the day so you can play with the moving things under blanket all night long! Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday Chaos and Mayhem! Some advice:

    1. Never climb up somewhere you can’t get yourself down from.

    2. Don’t eat too fast our it will sneak back up on you.

    3. When Mom starts bringing the bibs out … HIDE!

  6. Happy Birthday Chaos and Mayhem!

    Being a senior (I just turned 12) I must remind you: Never bite the hand that feeds you!

    I’ve been in my new home for a year now. I’m Linda’s first cat–boy has she been hard to train! It was easier to get that silly dog in line…

    Cal Ripkin

  7. Dear May and Chaos, I have noticed over time that you occassionally like to chomp on knitting needles, my advice to you is only chomp on the wood ones. This serves two purposes, one it cleans your teeth and you don’t get the awful clacking noise as you do with metal, and 2 it leaves lovely teeth marks on the needles, so your mother will always know whos boss.

    Love, Abner and Basil

  8. Awesome Pink Yarn!
    Everyone has given such great advice so far, but Chaos and Mayhem just need to remember that humans are here to serve cats! Happy Birthday!

  9. Choas and Mayhem:
    The best place to sleep is on mom’s lower back. It’s a good belly warmer and more cozy than the head. It’s also more difficult for her to get up and go away on vacation. The two of you can pin her down easy.

  10. Chaos and Mayhem: if you feel like you have to throw up, the best place to do it is on those colourful mats your mum has lying around. You know the ones that she screams about when you scratch them? She’s also extra quick to clean them up when you cough up all over them.

  11. Dear Chaos and May,

    Happy Birthday! I hope you never have to take medicine, but if you do, pay attention to the time of day that you normally get it. Then hide during that part of the day. Humans always love a game of “Find the Cat” just before work!

    If they try to hide medicine in your food, don’t eat it. They’ll get tired of throwing food away. And…pssst…Chaos…if you don’t like the food you get and want to hold out for something else, just sit and wait and let May eat it. These younger siblings are there to do the dirtywork. My person despairs of my weightloss, and as long as my brother eats most of the cat food, she’ll start to worry and give with the tunafish. Works every time!

    Love Charlie

  12. Dear Chaos and Mayhem,
    While Addis are okay for an occasional treat, you should not make a habit of them. They can give you indigestion.

  13. Happy Birthday, kiddos! My advice is to work as a team. One steals the yarn and the other bites through it as it unravels around the apartment. At least that’s what mine do.

  14. Myahem and Chaos..if you need to wake mommy up because it’s breakfast time….Just jump up on the bed, purr loudly and stick your whiskers up her nose. Keep doing this until mommy gets up.

  15. Happy Birthday Mayhem and Chaos! I just found your Mum’s website and like it very much!Remember kisses are best given to Mommy before bathing your nether regions…not after….

  16. Dear Chaos and Mayhem,

    Superstition says you two should be bad luck. But I’ve never been one to believe in that. Think how many times you’ve crossed your Momma’s path, and she’s a pretty lucky gal. Why, look at all the cute cat stuff she gets now! So I have no advice to give. You seem to have a handle on the situation. Instead, I give you this birthday wish. I am a fairy after all *Ahem*. I grant you everlasting cuteness! Because let’s face it, you two pretty much get away with murder on good looks. Speaking of Murder, has your Mother hinted at a new addition? No? Nevermind.

    Hope your birthday is filled with TONS of catnip.

  17. My best advice for cats: plastic, things coated in plastic (especially speaker wire and antennae), and adhesive associated with plastic ARE NOT FOOD.

  18. Chaos seems to be the master of his domain, so needs little advice… but that May. Dear, you simply must control your urges and addictions! Kitty rehab anyone?

  19. May and Chaos, if you gang up and one of you distracts her when she is eating the other can get the food. You can alternate between being the eater and the distracter.

  20. My advice for Mayhem and Chaos – stop chewing on your Momma’s knitting things. It may help you live a longer life 🙂

    Pepper and Bartholamew’s advice – sleep more and purr a lot (the humans seem to enjoy the purring) -headbutts and nips B&P

  21. Chaos and Mayhem… First happy birthday. Now for the advice. Don’t wake mommy up in the middle of the night wanting treats and loving. You’ll get much more loving and treats during the day if Mommy gets a full night of sleep.

  22. Wow… I’m in lust with that mug! I like the yarn too, but oh the mug!! 🙂

    So let’s see… Chaos & Mayhem advice… hmm… Well apparently you have an addiction to chewing on expensive needles… this isn’t good. Nor is chewing yarn or anything else related to knitting. Doing so will only make Mommy mad at you and well of course you don’t want that. Another thing, when Mommy is staring at the light-box (aka the computer) just give her some time and then slowly start purring and rubbing up against her legs. She’ll finish up what she’s doing in no time and then give you all of the lovin that you deserve. 🙂 Happy Birthday!

  23. dear Chaos and Mayhem – when planning to chew on mom’s needles, its best to do it late at night, whilst she sleeps, and if you pick a pair that she’s not using, it’ll take her longer to notice – and she might even think it was mice who did it, not you!

  24. I love to see what the kitties are up to! I have to honestly say yours is one of the few blogs i do read daily! Thanks for hooking me up with a local girl here too. 🙂

  25. Happy Birthday Chaos and Mayhem!

    My advice:

    – Only do stuff like get on the counters, get on the table, or chew mom’s stuff when she’s sleeping or out of the house. Then act real innocent and surprised if she notices. It helps if you have a ferret to blame.

    – Moms like it when you wake them up in the morning. Just keep purring and patting her in the face.

    – The gravity game is a fun thing to do at night. Just push things off the edge of dressers and tables to watch them fall. Sometimes moms get irritable if they have to get up in the night to check on it though.

  26. Advice to Chaos & Mayhem:
    1. She’s the cat’s mother.
    2. The cat always gets the cream
    3. Its not called a catastrophe for nothing.

    Happy birthdays! Clare

  27. Chaos and Mayhem:

    I hope you’ll take dog advice. Mack offers that reliability and predictability aren’t the same.

    “Mom can count on me to always be there. -What- I’m going to do when I’m there is anyone’s guess.”

    I hate to admit that I love that.

    Happy happy birthdays!

    Mack n Me

  28. advice from Ms. Kitty: (as typed by her human, Mouse)
    Its best to occasionally make the humans feel needed.. it distracts them from the thought that we might actually be trying to take over the world.(we are) Do this by making your human refill the cat bowl whenever they come within 50 feet of the bowl.. or whenever they stand up. Also remember that humans are good for opening cans.. at least until we are able to grow thumbs of our own.

  29. Happy Birthday May and Chaos!! Here’s some advice for your birthday:
    1)Purr as loudly as possible, enough to make yourself drool copiously.
    2)Seek out colorful yarn in hidden places. Pull end and run around the room to decorate for your party. Don’t forget to find many colors for festive effect.
    3)Tell your mother that you want the DVD of every episode of Meerkat Manor put on to play all day….right now!….loud, please. Squirrel/bird videos are tiresome. Want meerkats.
    4)Seek out and line up in orderly fashion, every type and size of knitting needle in the house. Give all the chew test. After all have been thoroughly chewed, reject all and walk away.
    5) And finally, celebrate with birthday cack!(yes, CACK, not cake!) Lick your fur thoroughly until you can make plenty of cack, since it IS your birthday! Spread cack thoroughly around the room. Concentrate on light-colored carpeted areas and insides of shoes/slippers for best effect!

    When the party is over, go fetch your woman-servant to clean it all up while you take a nap. What a party! Sorry, Chris. 🙂

  30. Remember that all the adoration and accolades you receive from the posting of photos on the ‘net is just part of the natural order of things for you. And don’t forget to work it baby!

  31. Chaos and Mayhem,

    Learn to use the computer and the camera, then start your own blog and take pictures of your mom to post on it. Don’t forget to dress her in your collars.
    Someday cats will rule the world!!!

    Lucy and Petey

  32. I’d say that Chaos and May need to learn to cook for Mom so she has dinner waiting for her, but then I realize that you’d get your fur in the food and frankly, that is just unsanitary. I guess the best piece of advice for you would be to stay away from Mom’s hair ties!! I met a cat that ate so many hair ties it had to have surgery to have them removed and the lump was as big as a softball! Stick to the addi’s;)

  33. Happy Birthday Chaos!!! Happy Birthday Mayhem!!! My little black kitty and her sister recommend making sure that mom is supervised at all times. (My girls take turns)… 🙂

  34. Dear Mayhem & Chaos,

    Happy belated and upcoming bdays. Here’s our advice:
    – the only way to China is via the bottom of the litterbox
    – the cable part of Addis are tastier than the tips
    – the best cat bed is something being wet blocked

    Ricky & Phoebe

  35. Hank and Phoebe send along “happy birthday wishes” (they also celebrate their birthdays this month — turning two — although we’re not sure when, since they were ‘found’ kitties).

    They tell Chaos and Mayhem to remember that a) black cats rule and b) the most delicious part of yarn is the strand that attaches the ball of yarn to the project 🙂

  36. I’ve been commanded by my black cat “Miss Puck the Fuzzy” to offer this advice:

    1. Don’t be dumb like the fat tabby in my house, Friday. She doesn’t check to make sure the tub is empty before she jumps in. Stupid.

    2. Remember: you’re *cats*. The humans must bow to YOU. Treat them appropriately. Yes, this means you must occasionally be nice to them—they do feed us and clean up the smell in the litter box (you *are* using your box, aren’t you?).

    3. If you hind behind the curtains to play, the humans think you’ve left and can’t see you playing.

    4. Never, ever….EVER let your humans discover any other kinds of animals out there. I’m serious. There’s now ten ferrets in my house—and my humans keep talking about this other ferret that may join them. *sigh* The things a senior cat must tolerate.

    5. Denim. I don’t believe enough cats have learned to fear denim. It….sucks you in and makes you malleable to your human. Watch that stuff. Seriously.

    6. Special Occasions: milk them for all they’re worth. Make your human bring you food that’s even more special than normal. And a special plate to eat it off of.

    I’m sure I’ve forgotten some crucial advice, but I’m losing control of my human and must wrap this up before she becomes aware again. Long live the Cat!

    Here’s to your Nine Lives Chaos and Mayhem!
    Miss Puck, via her human Anne.

  37. Sophie, oakley and Caramel offered this sage advice:
    Knitting is for sitting on or snuggling under – not shredding, peeing or barfing on.
    Sock needles and Addis are to be avoided at all costs.
    Humans need to be watched closely while they are knitting preferably from a close vantage point such as a convenient lap.

  38. Dear Chaos and Mayhem,

    We’re Pan and Java and we’re here to offer some advice – from two black tabbies to you two!

    Hmm… well I don’t know how well this advice applies but if there is ever someone staying at your house who gets up earlier than mom, beg them for food. Then when mom wakes up beg her for food too.

    Also if you annoy her enough she might turn the faucet on so you can drink from that instead of your boring water bowl.

    That’s all we can think of today.

    Pan and Java

  39. Dear Chaos and Mayhem,

    I find it very sweet that you are doing your best to live up to your names, after all….your name is a reflection on who you are….but might want to be a bit discerning in your shenigans!! (P.S. Great taste in yarn!!)

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