What’s in my bag?

A few weeks ago, MamaTulip bravely revealed the contents of her purse and I was mightily impressed at how, well, minimal it seemed. Because, um, my “purse” is actually a piece of carry-on luggage from REI… Generally, my sock knitting bag and a book are in the “purse,” too. No cats, though. Even I have limits! 😉

“Hey, May, get over here! I think something’s about to happen!” -Chaos

Clockwise from bottom left (you may want to click on the picture to make it larger), a small purple hairbrush, a shopping bag (the kind that folds up into a wee stuffsack), some pressed powder for blemish control (I think I bought that in 1997), and some backup UnPetroleum lip balms. Running out of lip balm? Eeep! Moving right along – hand lotion, my wallet, a small pink pouch with “feminine supplies” in it, a blue bookstand, my camera case (since I was obviously using the camera), iron pills, a GorillaPod (you can’t see it, since May is chewing on it), Neutrogena Oil-Free Sunblock, and my PDA (under Chaos’ head).

“Mwmph.” -Mayhem

“Oh, how I wish those feminine supplies weren’t in that little pouch. They are so much fun to rip apart!” -Chaos

Clockwise from the left below, a pen and notebook, my access badge for work, a java jacket from Kind Coffee in Estes Park, some bandaids, generic lactaid, more lip balm, lots of hair bands, earplugs (yellow case), a glasses cleaning cloth in a little case, Imitrex autoinjector for migraines, Swiss Army knife, more generic lactaid, my own java jacket, more “feminine supplies,” silk hankies hiding my blog card case and sunglasses case, a Red Tango pocket mirror, my cell phone case (the phone was charging), and a glasses strap (just in case I get really crazy active and skydive or something, I guess).

“I do love these little hair doodads! I wonder how many I can steal before Mom notices?” -Mayhem

Finally! A Bad Kitty notebook (from a bin at Target ages ago), my checkbook in its kitty cover (oh, she has key fobs in that same fabric right now!), a toothbrush and toothpaste, some pens and a Sharpie, Caribou Wintergreen HoofMints, more sunblock, and antiperspirant. Whew! Isn’t it fortunate that, for days that involve a lot of walking, I pull essentials out and toss them into a smaller bag?! When I shop, I pull my wallet out and just take that along.

“My goodness, big kitty. Do you think everyone has as much stuff in their bags as Mom does?” -Mayhem

“No wonder she goes to the chiropractor. Sheesh.” -Chaos

60 thoughts on “What’s in my bag?”

  1. Yep your entry has been upgrade from “what’s in your purse” to “what’s in your lugguage”. You might as well take a kitty (or two) along!

  2. Whoops, that IS a lot of stuff! I’ve heard the main reason women have bad backs is all the stuff they cart around. My back doesn’t hurt (yet) but I’m definitely at risk!

  3. LOL! Now I don’t feel so bad about all the stuff I carry around. There’s nothing like emptying your purse to entertain the cats, and ferrets.

  4. Well, I thought I carried all the necessary items in my purse, but you have me beat. I do carry a travel size roll of paper towels, though, it’s come in very handy! And your sock posy is cute!

  5. That’s not *that* much stuff. I usually have a lot of lip balm too (burt’s bees is my fav) so don’t feel too bad. I don’t have too much stuff in my purse because I switch between purses A LOT. When I leave Katie at home with DH I leave the LL Bean bag with kid’s stuff for him and just take out my essentials (wallet, phone, pda, lip balm, knitting, Tide-to-go) in a smaller purse.

  6. There is no way I’d ever reveal the contents of my purse. It would reveal what a horribly messy person I am simply because there are about three months worth of receipts thrown in the bottom. Oh, darn it, now I really have to go clean it out. *sigh*

  7. OMG! I take that much on a week’s trip……

    My bag is small and has inhaler, purse, keys, pen, car stereo dodah and sweetners. Lypsyl attached to handle and keychain attached to handle too.

    And no, I don’t get backache from carrying mine lol!

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