What’s in my bag?

A few weeks ago, MamaTulip bravely revealed the contents of her purse and I was mightily impressed at how, well, minimal it seemed. Because, um, my “purse” is actually a piece of carry-on luggage from REI… Generally, my sock knitting bag and a book are in the “purse,” too. No cats, though. Even I have limits! 😉

“Hey, May, get over here! I think something’s about to happen!” -Chaos

Clockwise from bottom left (you may want to click on the picture to make it larger), a small purple hairbrush, a shopping bag (the kind that folds up into a wee stuffsack), some pressed powder for blemish control (I think I bought that in 1997), and some backup UnPetroleum lip balms. Running out of lip balm? Eeep! Moving right along – hand lotion, my wallet, a small pink pouch with “feminine supplies” in it, a blue bookstand, my camera case (since I was obviously using the camera), iron pills, a GorillaPod (you can’t see it, since May is chewing on it), Neutrogena Oil-Free Sunblock, and my PDA (under Chaos’ head).

“Mwmph.” -Mayhem

“Oh, how I wish those feminine supplies weren’t in that little pouch. They are so much fun to rip apart!” -Chaos

Clockwise from the left below, a pen and notebook, my access badge for work, a java jacket from Kind Coffee in Estes Park, some bandaids, generic lactaid, more lip balm, lots of hair bands, earplugs (yellow case), a glasses cleaning cloth in a little case, Imitrex autoinjector for migraines, Swiss Army knife, more generic lactaid, my own java jacket, more “feminine supplies,” silk hankies hiding my blog card case and sunglasses case, a Red Tango pocket mirror, my cell phone case (the phone was charging), and a glasses strap (just in case I get really crazy active and skydive or something, I guess).

“I do love these little hair doodads! I wonder how many I can steal before Mom notices?” -Mayhem

Finally! A Bad Kitty notebook (from a bin at Target ages ago), my checkbook in its kitty cover (oh, she has key fobs in that same fabric right now!), a toothbrush and toothpaste, some pens and a Sharpie, Caribou Wintergreen HoofMints, more sunblock, and antiperspirant. Whew! Isn’t it fortunate that, for days that involve a lot of walking, I pull essentials out and toss them into a smaller bag?! When I shop, I pull my wallet out and just take that along.

“My goodness, big kitty. Do you think everyone has as much stuff in their bags as Mom does?” -Mayhem

“No wonder she goes to the chiropractor. Sheesh.” -Chaos