Hand over Chaos

Pam’s been on the road – help her catch up with the knitblogging world by telling her about “the most awesomest craft creation” you’ve seen online since July 1. You could win a knitterly trinket for your trouble.

Brenda’s having a multi-stage contest to celebrate her blogiversary. For this stage, leave her a comment about what she should do for the second stage of her contest. Leave your comment by noon PDT, August 25 – and stay tuned after that for info on the next stage. There will be prizes at each stage.

Kat’s having a contest – guess how many different states’/provinces’ license plates she’s seen since last Friday and you could win sock or lace yarn. Leave your guess by midnight EDT, August 24.

Today’s just one of those days when really – I got nothin’ else. But, look! Over there! Chaos! Although, other than the ginormous paws, it could almost by Mayhem in this picture, couldn’t it?

“I am sniffing your hand with great sniffings, but I am not discovering any sign of tuna. Hmph.” -Chaos

“Hey, wait a minute! You aren’t putting this on the blog, are you?! This is so undignified. How could you do this to me, Mom?! Or, wait, is it a good look for me?” -Chaos

29 thoughts on “Hand over Chaos”

  1. It’s cruel, what we put our cats through, isn’t it? Annabelle hates it when I make her go all Siamese like that. It’s just not dignified!

  2. Tell Chaos that surgery isn’t necessary. Afterall, aging gracefully is much better than resembling Joan Rivers.

    My eyesight leaves much to be desired when it comes to seeing black, is she polydactyl or are her paws just large? Either way, all the better to help mom with knitting.

  3. i like flattening the ears out so it looks like they’re wearing a baseball cap. so… you can rest easy that you’re not the only kitty who is manipulated into cutsy poses.

  4. Thanks, Chris, for posting the contest info!

    I think Just a Knit Wit is right–it’s Mad Eye Chaos! It also demonstrates the importance of ears for a dignified cat look.

  5. It’s the heat. I got nothin’ much either! Chaos, hon, it’s a totally wonderful CAT look! It shows how much you LOVE Mommie to rub on your head…

  6. Very piratey, Chaos. Are you getting ready for “Meow Like a Pirate Day”?

    I love smooshing cat heads. Very gently of course.

  7. Is it just me, or are others having trouble determining what body parts are where in that first picture.

    Chaos, age gracefully darling, that look DEFINITELY isn’t you!

  8. My dearest Chaos…

    Just be glad that your mom actually posts pictures of you… My mom only has photos on her phone…Who’s to say I even exist???

  9. glad to see I’m not the only one that does weird things to kitty. My personal favorite is the “kitty in a wind tunnel”. I kind of pull back on the fur all the way around their face. Hmmm..blog fodder perhaps?

  10. definitely Chaos is not looking his most dignified…. but then again, maybe pretending to be siamese might catch him an interesting girlfriend or two?

  11. Dear Mister Dignified,

    While you may not appreciate having your photograph taken, those 2-finger paws really are something. They’re the money-shots. Attention ALWAYS looks good on a well-turned out feline. Besides–pics sure beat company or houseguests.

    Thoughts of tuna and sleep to you all-

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