Ebook Giveaway: Faery Surprising by Mia Watts [CONTEST CLOSED]

Many thanks to Twin Cities author Mia Watts for providing an ebook of her new erotic paranormal romance, Faery Surprising (Faerily Imperfect, Book 2), for me to give away! Faery Surprising releases today from Resplendence Publishing.

Flora Harper isn’t amused when her faery “gift” transports her in the middle of a self-induced orgasm to a professional football locker room after practice. The fact that it’s the team she works for and their new quarterback, Ian Tate, wants to finish what she’s started, flies in the face of the non-fraternization policy.

Ian has been drafted to a rival city on the condition that he catch a blackmailer red-handed. Time is against him and as are the number of injuries he’s had in his career. It sounds like a great deal, except filming the Public Relations specialist in a sexually compromising position leaves a sour taste in his mouth. When he discovers that the PR person is emotionally distant, hard-on inducing Flora, getting a whole lot closer to her feels so incredibly right… until she finds out why he’s really on the team.

And I have to share Mia’s author bio, because it makes me giggle every time I read it:

Mia makes her home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she divides her time between a job and spying on people. Mia enjoys long walks in Como Park, daisies, dancing in the snow…(Delete prior sentence, meant for personal ad)…

Mr. Perfect may apply in person for a thorough evaluation and trial. All others will be towed.

You can read an excerpt of Faery Surprising over at Mia’s blog.

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Good luck!

“I don’t see any wings on that cover. I thought faeries had wings. But then they’d be birds, because birds have wings. Yummy!” -Mayhem

Hmm. That must be what they call fuzzy logic… 😉

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  1. I starting with you first this morning – I am trying to use my google reader more – these fr**”king bloggers just clog up my reader…


    I am so pleased you are exposing Mayhem to decent literature… no wonder he has so much attitude..

    Keep it up kitten mommy…


  2. I just know this is going to be an awesome read! I loved Mind F*cked and this looks equally yummy!

    Happy Holidays

  3. Not fuzzy but “furry” logic, you know because the fur critters rarely act according to human logic. 😉

  4. Hey May – Faires might be tasty too… 😉

    I love the sound of Ms. Watts story! Count me in.. 🙂 Her bio is giggleworthy! lol


  5. Hi everyone!! Wow, Chris, you did a fantastic job. I however, found a typo in my blurb. Kindly squint past it. LOL. Thank you, Chris. Maybe next time, I’ll feature the IDS building i a book… Hm.

    Mayhem, cute kitty, to quote Sage from Mind F*cked, she’s “half faery, not half airplane.” 😉 But that just means they’re pre-plucked for you. Gnosh away!

    Mamatulip, There should be a rule that the authors get to sample the wares first. Sadly… le sigh.

    Good luck, everyone! Also, you might want to know that in the acknowledgement portion of the book, there is a discount code for http://www.ladysparty.com which gives you 25% off EVERY PURCHASE until August 2010!!! Need any sex toys?
    Thanks for stopping by! – Mia

  6. entering… but will now need to go buy the first book in the series.

    three more days, and I can give myself a few days of reading gluttony as a reward!

    (ps- Danger was chasing winged things today too! the wormhole seems to be working well lately)

  7. This sounds interesting. I will have to see if the first one is at the library.

    Oh how I love my library. It makes reading a gazillion books much less damaging to my budget!

  8. Mmm, punny titles often indicate enjoyable books. 🙂

    And Miss May’s logic isn’t just fuzzy. It’s the Softest Kitteh Fuzzy Logic Evah! Don’t forget. She didn’t win that title for nothing.

  9. I’ll enter! I’m quickly dwindling my bank account in small dollar amount increments on various forms of e-books. I just discovered how much easier it is to read and knit with e-books 🙂

    That is a very clever author bio and I can see why it makes you chuckle. I wish I could be so clever when I have to submit bios…

  10. I second Seanna Lea’s comment – must see if the first book is in the library – because the second book sounds right up my alley.

    PS – I like May’s logic, it makes sense to me 🙂

  11. Cyn, good news. If you don’t WANT to buy the first book, you don’t have to. They stand alone. You won’t lose anything in the story. The series is a series because they are all siblings with different f*cked up abilities. However, they don’t do plot crossing. 🙂

    Thanx Carolyn!

    Seanna Lea, Catie, if your library has book one… I may need to move to your neck of the woods. LOL.


  12. okay – I’m assuming that a faery is not the same thing as a fairy… like Tinkerbell is a fairy and this faery thing is ummm different.
    I’d give it a shot, there is football after all and I have never found anything wrong with football.

  13. OMG! I was obviously sleeping when I said that. LOL I’ll have to pay better attention in the future. 🙂

  14. Love all these cat pics. I have a Maine Coon from the shelter. He’s 7mos old and HUGE! Bigger than a full grown house cat. Plus, he has six toes. I love his little mitten feet.

  15. LOL!!! I SAW them. I was thinking about a response but they all sounded snarky. Not that that’s a problem… LOL but I wouldn’t want to needle a newbie.

    Oooooo TANNNNNNYYYAAAAAA, EXACTLY which orafice should I have you entered by? Hmm? 😉 And do you prefer blonds or brunettes?

  16. *makes mental note to mind-block Chris off warning when Mia goes wild*

    I gotta get my fun somewhere.

    (who is thinking Chris is freakishly awesome)

  17. I’m still trying to catch up on my reading so leave me out of the contest, but I love Mia’s bio!

    With logic like May’s anything is fair game. 😉

  18. Hey honey! I am late getting here, but I have finally made my way!!!!! And you know that I pimped you out at my place already!!!! Love ya hon! Stay warm & I try to stay dry!!!!

  19. Mia,

    You are so interesting. Your interviews are hilarious. I would love to win a copy of this book.

  20. Excellent! I’ve fooled another into my trap. Heh. I actually like to have fun at my own expense. It’s the only way to be absolutely sure no one takes offense when I go for the snark-factor.

    Glad to be entertaining. *wink*

  21. I just finished MIND F*CKED and was looking for the next one. Mia did a great job with the first one can’t wait to get my hands on the FAERY SUPRISING. I am keeping my fingers crossed.gimme gimme.

  22. Good morning, Sheere, CC, and Keziah! Keziah, thanks for picking p Mind F*cked. I’m so glad you liked it and are ready for the next one.

    I just got my re-arranged line up of releases for the next two years. Freeze Frame, Dill’s book, will be coming out in March with Willow and Fauna in consecutive months after that. I’m also reviving an old pen name.

    Katie Blu (found at EC and TEB)will take on the non-series m/f books and I will continue the m/m and series… and menage *wink*… to keep some of the confusion down.


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