Announcing the winner of the Softest Kitteh on Our Street Contest!

I know some of you feared that the Softest Kitteh of Them All on Our Street Contest would end in tears and bloodshed (*cough*Erotic Horizon*cough*). I myself feared it would end in a draw. Read on to discover how it all played out.

We started over at CJ’s first. I know we said we were going to walk back and forth, but… it was something like +18F/-7.8C, so we ditched that idea lickity split.

Before we started, I revealed May’s top secret training plan: multiple daily brushings, including a special Zoom Groom session last week. CJ was instantly concerned and began to point out that Oblio was just naturally soft and no performance enhancing techniques had been used. Whatevah. *rolls eyes*

Oblio was pretty excited about the contest.

*staticky dragging sound*

We selected five softness assessment zones for our competition: back, behind the ears, top of the head, under the chin, and tummy. I was a little worried when I first petted Oblio’s back – his back fur is amazingly soft (no guard hairs??), and I knew May couldn’t compete with it. Rubbing his head, scritching behind his ears, and stroking under his chin didn’t reassure me too much – May seemed softer, but dang, his back! Then I reached for his tummy…

“No! Don’t touch my tummy, strange lady! No!!!” -Oblio

A-ha! Oblio was going down, down, down – he had coarse guard hairs on his tummy!

Next we came over here. Yesterday you saw how Chaos, um, “welcomed” CJ to the condo.

“Let me go see if we have any ketchup… Stay right there. I’ll be back.” -Chaos

“I’m afeared of you, strange lady, because I’m sure the big kitty wouldn’t take such a hate to you without a very, very good reason.” -Mayhem

(*ahem* – like, he’s a crabby butt???)

CJ was initially ecstatic as she discovered that May’s back was not as soft as Oblio’s, but I could detect a look of concern on her face as she moved from May’s back, to her head, behind her ears, under her chin, and…

“I am not happy. Not happy at all. Just in case you can’t tell.” -Mayhem

to her soft, floofy tummy-of-exceptional-softness (ToES, complete with vikini! “V” is for “Victory”,  you know).

“What?! My mom… voted against me?” -Oblio

So, after all that… we drew a winner from those of you who said that Mayhem was going to win: congrats to Debby, whose book is already on its way to her!

“Poor Oblio. He looks so sad. But, really, he should’ve known better. I am a Panther Princess, after all.” -Mayhem

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