Nothing much to see here, move along

Jenn’s in the midst of a kitchen makeover – before midnight PDT today, guess what color she painted her kitchen and you could win some kitchen cotton!

I had sort of a bad weekend, woman-healthwise. Waiting to call the doctor as soon as I can this morning. Not life threatening, so don’t worry about that! 🙂 But distracting. So, in the name of distraction… Remember these pictures from way back in September, right after I got Mayhem?

“Ha ha! I got Mom’s spot and that big kitty isn’t anywhere around!” -Mayhem

“But why am I feeling so nervous? It’s as if someone’s watching me… -Mayhem

Here’s how things looked last week – she’s still nowhere near Chaos-sized (and never will be), but it’s a lot closer!

*dozing* -Chaos

“I can’t tell you how tempted I am to jump on that big kitty… but he gets so crabby when I wake him up from a nap…” -Mayhem

Also, check out this amusing picture from I Can Has Cheezburger!

60 thoughts on “Nothing much to see here, move along”

  1. feel better with the womany issues. (I have my own and they suck).

    At least Mayhem learned (a little?) not to wake Chaos. Pepper thinks Bartholamew was put here on this earth (a whole 9 years before she was born) simply for her amusement whenever she wants. No matter WHAT he (or I ) say to her… 🙂

  2. Turnabout is fair play and I LOVE that I HAS Cheeseburger shot – too funny (after a VERY long, busy day).
    I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, and I hope you got a good report from the doc. HOPE it’s better VERY SOON!

  3. I hope you’re feeling better. I know you’ve been dealing with this stuff for a while now and I know it’s not fun.
    Hang in there. If I lived nearby, I’d bring you soup and gluten free cherry almond muffins.

  4. Hope you’re feeling better. I love those kitty pics. I actually know what you’re talking about. I have terrible…um… plumbing (I can’t believe I’m writing this) and was on the berry juice till today before it went to must see dr mode.

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