Book Giveaway: Max Brenner’s Chocolate: A Love Story [CONTEST CLOSED]

Many thanks to the Hatchette Book Group for providing five copies of Max Brenner’s gorgeous new cookbook, Chocolate: A Love Story, for me to give away!

65 Chocolate Dessert Recipes from Max Brenner’s Private Collection
With gigantic vats of churning chocolate, desserts like their famous chocolate pizza, and 12 varieties of hot chocolate served in custom mugs, Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man has turned their line of hip, colorful themed restaurants into an international sensation. Chocolate: A Love Story is a vibrant new cookbook that includes 65 original recipes narrated in the quirky, captivating voice of Max Brenner, the restaurant’s visionary founder and “bald man.” Bold original illustrations inspired by Art Deco poster graphics, full-color photographs, easy-to-follow, delicious recipes, and a serving of Max’s unique vision for spreading “chocolate culture” around the world make this book a must for every chocolate lover.

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57 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Max Brenner’s Chocolate: A Love Story [CONTEST CLOSED]”

  1. WooHoo! I am entering this contest because in my diet, chocolate is one of the food groups all by itself.

  2. With the weather turning cold my kitties are doing the same thing.. they’re in the chair as soon as your butt leaves it! (not entering the contest either.. just commenting)

  3. I swear my cats stalk our seats… get up for coffee and you will sit back down on a fuzzy cushion – AND our chairs are black so our poor Gizmo gets squished quite often because of his good camouflage.

  4. I’m constantly booting either kid or cat(s) out of my spot. Just one of those inevitablities.

    Mmmm… Chocolate. Count me in!

  5. Mmmmmm, chocolate! I’m definitely entering. Socks has his spot on the couch, and gives the stink eye to anyone with the nerve to sit there.

  6. Oh now this a book that I am sure is the magic ticket to cooking. Chocolate!!! Count me in!!

    Yep… they take over everything! You snooze, you lose. Pick up your meat (your booty), lose your seat is what we say! And it looks like they have perfected it down to a science. Mayhem does the talking and Chaos just ignores… LOL!

  7. Count me in for the contest!

    I’m sure May and Chaos assumed you were warming that spot up just for them. How could anything else be possible??

  8. oooooo chocolate… Please count me in!

    and you’re lucky… my Ginger doesn’t wait for me to get up before trying to take my spot… she just gets up and starts pushing. Thankfully I still out-weigh her. 😉

  9. Weren’t you pre-warming it for them. That is what the boys think humans are for.

    Mayhem, Abner must have seen your wrath on paper as he has taken out vengence on all knitting magazines in his domain and is killing the wicked paper each day in his kennel.

  10. I am very interest in entering the contest for the Chocolate; a love story. Very much a chocolate lover and taster! My cats also crazy about the paper, one rustle and they are gazing intently!

  11. With the holidays coming up I could definitely use this book. I’m always on the lookout for yummy new recipes so count me in. And my kitty is a destroyer of paper. If I leave a book out unattended she ends up shredding the pages (I guess she’s practicing for Christmas present time).

  12. So I gotta tell ya, entering contests where you have to “show interest” in entering takes me back to my more, um, robotic-answer-the-question-as-teacher-asked it:

    Yes, commenting and showing interest in the contest…

    But I really am interested in entering :). All snarky-sounding comments aside and all :).

  13. Oooh! Chocolate. Please count me in!

    This weekend I baked a giant chocolate chip cookie (it fit a medium sized pizza box) and a decadent buckeye cake. If I keep this up I will have to look for some new stretch waist pants!

  14. May – if she didn’t call “seat saver” then you have every right to take the spot. And even if she did call it, well, it is more of a guideline than a rule…

  15. It always amazes me how quickly a kitteh can insinuate itself into the spot I just vacated for about 1.5 seconds. It’s magic, I tell ya.

  16. at least they have eachother. the rain here is so bad, along with winds and this has been for d – a – y-s-!! kitty is so bored here!

    evil evil evil choc!!! count me in!

  17. OOOH another book contest. Add me to this one too. BTW who won the last one? Or are you still waiting to hear from the winner?

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