Sinus zombies, unite!

Ah, the weather is lovely, but my allergies are not. In fact, I’ve been sinus zombified this week. Please allow the kitties to entertain you instead…

“I’m busy. Can’t entertain imaginary blog people. Die, wicked bit of paper, die!” -Mayhem

“I’m busy, too. Die, wicked bit of paper, die!” -Chaos

…or not.

24 thoughts on “Sinus zombies, unite!”

  1. paper on a string? clever..
    hope the sinus’ clear up quickly. A good frost or some more snow would help, eh? (not that I am wishing snow on you or anything horrid like that..)

  2. Two words – neti pot. Or if you can’t handle that, try one of the saline rinses like Simply Saline or Ocean. They really do help to lessen the sinus symptoms.

  3. Oh Chris, I hope you feel better. I took my medicine this morning, I could feel my nose acting funny!
    Ya know I love those kitties!! They are too precious… But I bet if I offered a pink furry tiara to Mayhem she would forget all about those paper thingys! Hope you feel better my friend!!!

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