It was a beautiful weekend in the neighborhood

We had a lovely, frequently sunny weekend (including my vacation Friday)! Inspired by the warmish weather, here are a few recent pictures from around the neighborhood.

Subtle, eh? (True, Drink is the name of the bar…)

This one is a bit less blatant, but only a bit.

Minneapolis is notorious for impounding and towing (scroll down to “Let’s Blow Up the Tow Truck” and listen to the sample – it’s about Minneapolis!), which this campaign hints at:

This one was a bit more mysterious, and my google-fu only provided a titch of enlightenment.

Of course, Mayhem had to add her thoughts on that cat-related billboard…

“I bet it means there’s going to be a restaurant for kitties in Uptown! Raw fresh birds and fish and mice – yummy!” -Mayhem

25 thoughts on “It was a beautiful weekend in the neighborhood”

  1. Lucky to have a garage. But i got a $42 parking ticket in Minneapolis on Sunday night over at Cedar/Riverside. I didn’t even look at the meter. St. Paul does not enforce meters on Sunday. Sheesh.

  2. LOL. I love Mayhem’s reaction. OMG, our car was getting towed yesterday and Mark ran out to stop it and the guy let it down. Our crime: We were not 5 feet past the outlet of a driveway. I swear, we were four feet away. There was TONS of space. You could’ve parked a motorcycle behind us. Yow. We still have to pay the ticket.

  3. Oh that is too cute… Mayhem will be the princess of the place. Everyone will bow to her! =)

    I do love the impound shoe sign! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us Chris! I hope the weather stays beautiful for you guys for a while longer! Would be nice huh!
    Have a great day honey!

  4. Chris- The problem with cities is it isn’t always convenient to walk. Toronto is the same, they ticket you for anything.

  5. Ah, a place after my own feet. I will walk anywhere, though I plan ahead when I’m going to do anything as extreme as the walk I did into Boston a few weeks ago.. almost 9.5 miles!

  6. Perhaps About to Meow will be a show with dancing black kitties wearing feathery (and sparkly) pink tiaras. They could dance the “Dance of Seven (pink, furry) Mice.” I bet May would like to see that, or perhaps try out for the cast.

  7. Your kittehs will be prank-dialing the restaurant trying to make reservations for three (I’m sure they will allow you to accompany them).

    Our new camper van was an impound vehicle in Minneapolis. Sometimes these things work out for the best ;^)

  8. As long as they don’t make me find parking spots for my shoes, or lock them to a signpost or outdoor shoe rack… (So glad the transit strike is over, here!)

  9. It was a beautiful weekend here too Chris and today, although, I don’t have any nice pictures to show for it.

    Raked lots of leaves in between doing computer stuff.

    Hope all is well

  10. Awesome! Glad to hear that they’re retooling the Calhoun Square Figlio’s — it was never my favorite even though the location was convenient.

    Chicago had a glorious, summery weekend, too! I abandoned my research and spent time outside and time in the kitchen.

  11. Hmm, those are familiar… a couple of those shots are two blocks from my apartment. Yeah I love living here too, and I LOVE this weather, and running around in a t-shirt in November. Glad your kitties are excited about Il Gatto. 🙂

  12. We had a little bit of rain today but so far November has been gorgeous.

    I keep picturing a restaurant with lots of birds and mice running around and cats chasing them. 🙂

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