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My, when I posted a few tummy shots, who knew that this would happen?!

KitKatKnit is having another contest! No, not an art history contest – this one is about an ongoing reference in her blog to “Unlucky.” Go leave a comment speculating wildly what that whole “Unlucky” thing might be about and you could win some handspun yarn if you’re the closest or make KitKatKnit laugh the hardest. Contest closes at noon PDT, June 13

Last night I was hanging out at home with the cats when we heard some pretty darn loud thuds out the front window. I went to peek out in time to watch as a woman, cheerfully talking on a cell phone, hurled a brick through the side window of a running car. Then she unlocked the car from the inside, hopped in, and drove away. I’m assuming it was her car and she’d locked the keys in while it was running. But dang, wouldn’t it have been easier to wait for a locksmith?!

A bit later I walked into the bathroom to find Chaos on his hind legs rummaging through the medicine cabinet. Um, looking for something in particular there, Chaos?! Something to fluff up that tummy hair, maybe?!

Finally it was bright enough to take a few pictures of the rest of my dyed and reskeined yarn. Tangentially, we have had a lot of rain here recently – apparently, we usually get 4 inches of rain during June. By yesterday, St Cloud, MN (about an hour northwest of Minneapolis) had received 2.5 inches of rain in June. Yes, during the first three days of the month.

Anyway! Reskeined yarn.

I didn’t bother to reskein this small pink and aqua skein – I just wound it into a ball.

Hmm. Perhaps there’s something wrong with my camera – look at the black blob obscuring most of that shot! You can barely see the poor little ball of yarn.

Here are the other skeins – the top one is the Malabrigo and the others are sock yarn.

*sound of off-camera whistling* -Chaos

*sound of off-camera whistling* -Mayhem

Dang, sure is a lot of traffic in this living room, isn’t there?!

44 thoughts on “Tummy Tour”

  1. So, does Mayhem have the fluffier tail?!

    Sneaky little kitties, aren’t they? Can’t turn your back on your stuff for a second before they pounce on it.

    You made some pretty cool colour choices! 🙂

  2. Mmmmm sock yarn…..still love that lime splash the best!

    I’ve been tempted to do the brick thing myself…but geez, the mess! and the repair! I think not.

  3. Wow Chaos, in the Medicine Cabinet? That could be dangerous…I keep to the cabinets under the sink! That’s where Mommie keeps our treats…

  4. Hee hee, wonder what he was doing in the medicine cabinet.

    OK, here’s what I think the car-window-smashing-lady was really saying on her phone….
    “You think you can cheat on me and get away with it you lying snake. Guess where I am right now? I’m picking up your car for a little drive…I think I’ll take the parking brake off and let it roll down the boat launch into THE LAKE!” *SMASH* “Love you honey…buh-buye!”

    I LUUUURV your yarn Chris…it’s beautiful. Is this an emerging talent? Will there be an etsy shop in your future?

  5. Chaos – Don’t worry about the kitty-pattern-baldness. It happens. Just have the 2-legged one pick you up some of that fancy “row-gane” stuff and you’ll be good to go!

  6. Isn’t the medicine cabinet where you keep the “kitty prozac”? Perhaps all this attention is getting to him. I suggest a combination of meow therapy and some Eastern yoga-type meditation. We’re all to quick to reach for drugs in this day and age.

  7. a brick? through the window? I’m a problem solver, but even *that* seems extreme to me.

    the kitty pictures are making me miss my tiny kitties (they are still up in Philadelphia, while I’m still in Virginia for five more days). They’ll probably pretend like they don’t know me when I get back. That’s their way.

    beautiful yarn, by the way. Almost enough to make me want to try my hand at dying (dye-ing?).

  8. I love the green, purple and blue skein. All the colors go so well with Chaos and Mayhem that it’s no wonder they had to be in the pictures.

  9. All your yarn is gorgeous dear. I’m so jealous of your mad dying skills.

    Maybe Chaos had a headache and just needed an Advil. It can be stressful, being that cute.

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous yarn! Of course the cats wanted to be near it.

    I know better than to attempt a tummy shot. The cats know where I sleep at night.

  11. Mmmmm…sock yarn….

    It’s raining here today. I don’t mind, we haven’t had it in a while, but other parts of BC and Alberta are flooding, so I guess rain isn’t a good thing for everyone.

  12. All your yarns are lovely, but I particularly like the blue and the purple skeins. The colors go so nicely with black kitties. 🙂

    And the medicine cabinet? Maybe he was trying to figure out what you were taking that would have prompted you to spill all of his tummy secrets.

  13. Your yarns look really wonderful! Looking forward to seeing how they knit up.

    May’s tail is much fluffier–maybe it’s a girl thing. Chaos, stay out of the medicine cabinet! Maybe he was looking for some Rogaine to thicken up his tummy hair.

  14. Those kitties, always up to something! (I didn’t even think about Pinky’s cannibalism until you all started mentioning it!). Hmmm…maybe that woman’s time was worth more than the price of a new window?

  15. Those yarns are soo pretty! Even with the black clouds floating around the camera lens. haha
    Weird about the brick woman, wondering who she was talking to on the cell? The person/ex-boyfriend who’s car she was stealing?

  16. Unrelated to your post, but bear with me.

    To pass some time I started playing a text adventure game called Wishbringer by Infocom. At a certain point the quest is revealed in that I am supposed to rescue a black cat, the woman whose cat I am to rescue then said:

    “His name is Chaos”

    Laugh? I nearly cried.


  17. If everyone in the twin cities would stand in the street next time it rains and blow hard in a southerly direction perhaps some of that abundance would come our way? We’re DRY as a BONE here! Yipes!

  18. Chaos had to be looking for hair gel for his tummy. 🙂

    A co-worker and I rented a car together for a meeting and we both shut and locked our car doors before turning off the car and taking the keys out. We did call a locksmith but ended up having to break a window anyway.

    Nice looking yarn!

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