Falling backward

  • My upgrade went well, albeit a bit differently than I’d planned.
  • Apparently, there isn’t an upgrade path from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional, so I had to do a clean install. (As in… format and install.)
  • How happy was I that I had the operating system isolated on its own partition?
  • Pretty damn happy.
  • True, I’ve had to reinstall a lot of software that lost registry keys and settings during the format, but it’s definitely not as bad as I feared it would be, based on my Vista experiences.
  • Make sure you have a good backup (preferably not compressed, in case you need little bits of things) before you start such a project!
  • I know that I was very, very grateful that I did.
  • Windows 7 is so much faster than Vista, it’s almost like I have a new computer.
  • *happy dance* My downstairs neighbor moved out over the weekend. (Backstory here and here and here.)
  • Please cross your fingers and think good thoughts my way for a sane, pleasant, non-smoking downstairs neighbor next time! Thank you.
  • Oh, how I love the extra hour of sleep when Daylight Savings Time ends.
  • Oh, how I hate the first week of kitty dinner time after Daylight Savings Time ends.

“Starving… to… death… Dinner… late… Not… going… to… make… it…”-Chaos

40 thoughts on “Falling backward”

  1. Hmm, In my “i hate the time change” grumblings I didn’t even think about that’s why the cats were being extra obnoxious this morning for their food…

    glad your install went well!!

  2. I’ve been waking up extra early the past couple of days. Wonder why? Oh right, they’re on death’s door due to starvation because of the time change. *sigh*

    Oh yay! I’m so glad the upgrade went well!

  3. YAY for a happy upgrade!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that you get good neighbors this time around.

    Hurry up and feed that poor starving kitty; he’s wasting away to nothing!

  4. Ha! We definitely need a DST switch for kitty tummies. I had to endure over an hour of pitiful mews and big kitten eyes from Zip, the youngest yesterday. Luckily the older two are lazy and let Zip do all the begging.

  5. Yeah, we’re looking at Windows 7 very soon. Not impressed with Vista at all (putting it very mildly).

    Yeah, there was a bit of complaining here about the lateness of supper from the kids. Dogs didn’t seem to mind.

  6. I wait with fear and trepidation as I upgrade to Win 7. I recently had the “pleasure” of meeting Vista and finding that almost none of the software I’d invested in worked in the new environment. I held out on upgrading but my old computer just couldn’t hack it anymore. Thanks for the tips.

    Re: getting the kitties on a new schedule, I feel yer pain sister. And yeah for the neighbors.

  7. Oh I have my fingers crossed, prayers sent up, and candles lit that your new neighbor is non-smoking, cat-loving, sane, sensible, attractive available male who loves knitters and has to eat gluten-free.
    (not asking too much)
    And your kitties give it up after only a week? Mine take at least a month…

  8. It probably wasn’t a bad thing to need to re-install the new version fresh. Yes, fiddly and slightly annoying, but it seems Windows in general tends to run better on fresh re-installs. I’m glad that it went pretty well overall though! That is always a good thing to hear 🙂

  9. Good luck with your new neighbor! Mine have been making me rethink my plan to continue living in cities for a while–I might actually prefer a tiny cottage somewhere quiet.

    And thanks for the free Windows backup software link!

  10. Starving that kitty again are you? Tisk, tisk… lol

    I so love the “falling back”, that extra hour was so needed.

    Glad to hear the upgrade went uneventfully. Maybe I should consider it for my son’s computer…. hmmm.

    Glad to hear about the neighbour – ack, I sure hope you get someone decent in down there!

    Hope your day is good Chris!

  11. feeding times for the cats, dog, and people are totally screwed up. Everyone is crabby about not eating when they think they should – especially me!
    So – w/o downstairs neighbor does this mean the kitties are roaming free at night & performing acrobatic maneuvers once again?

  12. We have an automatic feeder, so we just put the food in and Saru-chan gets fed at the same time as normal. That automatic feeder is so necessary for us, because we are not home for about 12 hours a day during the work week.

  13. Glad that the upgrade went good for you!
    I was very thankful for the extra hour yesterday… My body was thanking the daylight saving for that extra hour!

    Chaos… puuurrrr thing… he is starving….
    I hope you had a great weekend Chris and I hope the day has been okay so far… for a Monday!

  14. Poor Chaos! Hez was quite firmly convinced that 4:30pm was dinnertime last night. QUITE FIRMLY. Ahem.

    Crossing fingers for a fabulous downstairs neighbor for you!

  15. The first mornings of breakfast begging after Daylight Savings Time are terrible, too. Oh, the meowling!

    I need to check out Windows 7 — I already did the Snow Leopard upgradefor the Mac, but I should probably take care of ye olde laptop, too.

  16. LOL! They always know dinner time, don’t they? I know how dramatic those kitties can be when they think they have no food. The drama!

    Glad the upgrade went smooth. Gives me hope and a lot of encouragement to do mine. 🙂

  17. I don’t know which is worse; tripping over two smaller black cats, or tripping over two large brown dogs – all of whom are expecting their dinner an hour ago!

  18. good luck with the new neighbor. Siren and Grimlock are on a diet. Which seems to mean much worrying over the food dish. So Chaos, they feel your pain.

  19. I can tell already that Chaos is losing weight from having to wait that extra hour for his dinner.

    Yay for your downstairs neighbor moving out. Sending good neighbor thoughts your way.

  20. such a brave soldier you are, doing all that techie stuff on your system. I’m still running WinXP, and plan on continuing until such time as I need a new computer, then I call my tech-whizzes to do it, and I stand in the kitchen, loudly singing la-la-la-la with my fingers in my ears, until the coast is clear… 🙂 And I always beg them please to avoid any “oh no” kind of sounds when I’m in hearing range. (ha ha ha… lame, but honest)

    Hurrah for the move out of that cranky ol neighbor. I remember the loud animal romping noise complaint. was that the one? good riddance.

  21. That is so funny about cats dinners and daylight savings. With other cats we’ve had it’s been true, but with these two, I’ve forgotten to feed them, and they act the same. it’s the weirdest thing!

    Congrats on the upgrade!!

  22. It sounds like the Windows experience wasn’t terrible, at least.

    And all our pets still think we’re on DST. They’re hanging out in the kitchen an hour early, acting like they never ever get to eat.

  23. I love the falling back an hour, I needed that extra zzzzzz. Keeping my fingers crossed for you getting the neighbor you want. I read your blog all the time, I just have got lazy on commenting

  24. Yeah, I’m wishing I had partitioned my hd more than I did. Though I’ll be upgrading from Home Premium to Home Premium on mine…R has Ultimate on my old one which might screw up everything…*sigh* makes me want to just keep putting it off…

    As for the time change, we’ve had a week of starving doggy. She’s way more dramatic though, if she doesn’t get food within an hour of her regular time? She starts retching. Fun times. ;o)

  25. Oohh, I am typing with a Windows 7 disk sitting in front of the keyboard. I haven’t got my nerve up yet. It is Vista Home premium to Windows 7 Home premium, 64 bit. I think I have online backups (plural) and external HD backups. Also old Dell with our files still on it! Think good thoughts.

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