Haphazard Thursday

Deb likes to knit for babies, but there’s a baby shortage in her life. Rather than creating her own baby to knit for, she’s going to knit baby items to donate. But it’s hard for Deb to knit baby items without a specific baby in mind… so she decided to knit for Chloe and Morris’ baby and created the 24 Baby Knitting Shower. Drop by and leave her a comment if you’re interested in knitting along with her!

Do you read I Can Has Cheezburger? Don’t click unless you have a lot of time on your hands! (If you’re at work, please recognize that you will be giggling aloud. This may or may not be problematic.) Here’s one of my favorites – guess why! And here’s another.

How cool is it that there’s a community radio station in northern Minnesota called KAXE (pronounced K-AXE)? It’s eclectic and excellent and you can even listen to it online. Saturday night from 7 – 9 pm CDT, check out Green Cheese, an extremely fun call-in trivia show. Not all callers are entirely sober, but many have Fargo-worthy accents! (And hey, you can even buy sports bras emblazoned with their logo!?!)

Reading Update
The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. Quite some time ago, Sachi sent me a first chapter excerpt of this book. I read it, but wasn’t that compelled to rush out and read the rest of the book. Finally picked it up from the library and decided that the first chapter doesn’t really do the book justice – it gets quite a bit better after that. It’s not world changing literature by a long shot and some aspects of the book are a bit predictable, but overall I enjoyed the read.
Now May You Weep by Deborah Crombie. Kincaid and James again. 🙂

Gluten-Free Update
If you have celiac disease like I do, I highly recommend subscribing to Gluten-Free Living. (Although I’m horrified at how out-of-date their webpage is.) They do a great job of actually researching celiac disease’s urban legends, providing information about new research, keeping up with legislative developments, and reviewing new products. The Spring 2007 issue featured an article about gluten-free beers – I didn’t know that Anheuser-Busch was making a gluten-free beer (Redbridge)! I was familiar with Lakefront Brewery’s New Grist, which I actually tasted before those darn migraines convinced me to go alcohol free. (It was tasty – even my gluten-eating beer connoisseur brother agreed.) The same issue also mentions a few restaurants where it’s possible to get gluten-free pizza. Woo-hoo!

Knitting Update
Does anyone even remember that I knit? 😉 The laptop bag is knitted – I just need to sew it together and felt it. And I’m working on two different socks, but it was too darn dark last night to take decent pictures. Maybe tonight it won’t be stormy… although the forecast is inauspicious. Instead, shall we take another look at the lovely Mayhem and her cute ‘tocks?

“What? Yeah, so I’m flexible. I coulda been a gymnast! Or a master yogi.” -Mayhem

“I don’t know why you think this is so interesting…” -Mayhem

40 thoughts on “Haphazard Thursday”

  1. Chris- I thought the Macomber books would be sucky, but they actually weren’t bad. “The Friday Night Knitting Club”, I could have done without.
    Very good Starfish form, May.

  2. My eyes hurt looking at you, May. Stop that! The catstaff calls me a “subcompact”. What’s that? And why is that funny? She won’t tell me.

  3. I love the Cheezburger site, although when I first discovered it, I thought I might be too old to read it, as it’s obviously written in some teenage language.

    My cocker spaniel loved to lay with his legs splayed out. With his stubby tail and buff coloring, I thought he resembled a roast chicken.

  4. OK, thanks a lot, when I first started lookin’ at your blog this morning there were 4 comments, then I started reading the cheezburger blog….now it’s almost noon and there are 15 comments.
    I have one on my desktop that has a black cat tangled in the blinds and the kapshun 😉 says: I can’t brain today…I have the dumb.

    Yep my favorite…please explain the bukket. Thanks

  5. Graham’s girlfriend will be interning the next year at the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) in Arlington VA. She is soooo excited!! She was diagnosed about 18 months ago.

  6. Bizarre, Your favortie pic on I Can Has Cheeseburger is my Knitting friend Sarkasmo. I suspect it is your favorite because she is a blackie butt just like your kittys (Okay, i just realized i will anex the word butt onto kitty attributes. My cats have become accustomed, humans, maybe not) BUt there you go, the momma is a awesome knitter too

  7. Gluten free beer? Cool! I thought the same about Friday Night Knitting Club. I have some recommendations of restaurants from a local celiac friend of ours so we’re all set for your visit!

  8. That photo you like of the black kitty was taken by none other than Kristen of Sarkasmo.net, a fellow knitter (she holds the # 2 position for most project on Ravelry) hockey, and cat lover. She’s nice!

    Malabrigo makes a lace weight?!

    May- you are not weird. You are a cat. Sheese! Humans!

  9. #2 son has totally perfected the Fargo accent; his seems to be modeled after Margie, so it is particularly funny to hear it coming from a teenage boy. “Would you look at that then?!” is a favorite phrase.

    Thanks for the link to KAXE! I hadn’t heard of it but I’ll be listening soon.

    Stl chuklin ovr chzbrgr

  10. K, Chris is right, don’t go to I no has cheezburgerz unless you have lots of time. It’s 3 pm, I’m done reading them all. *phew*

  11. Have you seen the magazine, Living Without? Deals with many types of food allergies and sensitivities. The last issue had some great GF baking recipes.

  12. I’ve started looking through my pictures of Terry to see if there are any that I want to submit to ICHC?

    Gluten free beer sounds interesting! I look forward to seeing the felted laptop bag, I’ve been thinking of knitting one for mine someday.

  13. I have spent so much time looking at I Can Has Cheezburger that I forgot to comment 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing your laptop bag!

  14. Great Mayhem pictures and I love those lolcats! I’m always ‘Oh Yay!’ when Fark.com has a new cat thread 😉 I used to listen to KAXE in Grand Rapids – the station is situated at the community college I went to. We used to love to call in to Green Cheese!!!!

  15. Miss May-Other kitties are NOT that flexible (but some dogs are). The Dish Fillers are far too easily amused. Perhaps you and Chaos could try our patented Tag Team model of motivation in lieu of toosh-nipping and eye-lid licking. 4 beady eyeballs is much more effective than 2 and the careful pace around teh bed get stuna faster than stomping up the Dish Filler. May your weekend be filled with tuna water and Greenies! Millie adn Bailey

  16. I’m home and catching up! Didn’t take the friday night book with me, but read the first couple pgs today…glad to know it gets better! It was sent as a gift, so I feel like I should read it!

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