46 thoughts on “Work is eating my brain (again)”

  1. Oh Chaos, that wouldn’t happen! Don’t worry, all your blog kitty friends will be sure to remind your Mom to feed you and clean out your box. I know, life can be hard for you… 😀

  2. Oh, now, Chaos, do you think for a moment that we believe you’d just idly sit by and let mom not feed you? I think not.

  3. Don’t worry, Chaos. She loves you guys too much to forget to feed you! But I sure hope she remembers to take care of herself.

  4. Um – nice that every one is worried about the cats but I’m more worried about you. Please take care of yourself. We have big plans for Saturday you know….

  5. Bobble The Barn Cat recommends loud yowling combined with the patented writhing in and around the legs trick. Perform this while the human is in motion. When the person trips and falls down, they will be much shorter and you will be able to talk to them face to face. At this point, you loudly plead your case. Ignore any filthy language that might be hurled your way at this time, the human doesn’t mean it, they’re just upset with themselves for neglecting you.

  6. Don’t you worry Chaos and Mayhem…Mom will never get so frazzled that she would forget about you…you are both to important to her.

    I hope you get a break…sending you calming vibes.

  7. now chaos, i have complete faith in your ability to ensure you’re well fed (a nudge, a purr, a scratch, you get the idea). if you’re anything like my isabella you will *not* allow chris to forget feeding you.

    silly kitty! now go help mom feel better!

  8. Just stoppin on to say hello!
    Rosco & Otis can go a couple of days w/out being fed… they are like camels… only the hump is full of fat, and it’s on their bellies instead of their backs.
    Feel better soon!

  9. Dear Chaos,
    If she forgets to feed you – send a note & we will come running with food for you & May. The litter box cleaning will be a whole other issue 😉

  10. Chris–I hope work mellows out for you!

    Chaos, Chaos! Remain calm! I bet you are quite capable of reminding Chris when you should be fed. My parent’s cat Rip eats dinner at 10 pm, and by 9:15 he is reminding my mom that he is STARVING and being a general pest. I am sure YOU are not such a naughty kitty. 😉

  11. Not to worry, Chaos, even when my Mommie is at her worst and in terrible pain, she never forgets to feed us. Your Mom won’t either. They’re really pretty special people, our Moms! They can handle a lot, but they do get really weird when their brains are fried…
    Who’d want to live that way, huh?
    Glad I don’t have to work for a living – how about you?

  12. Alright work! Back off! Step away from the Chris! Put the brain down and everything will be okay.

    It’s ok Chaos, we have it under control.

  13. You hop onto the table/desk/bookcase she’s facing and stick your butt in her face. Wha? Works for me!

    Or, you cart yourselves off to Casa de La.

    Or you do what Jenifleur recommends…


  14. C & M, Ophelia advises you to go for the yarn. That usually makes her Mom spring into action. If that fails, choose something very fragile and important to Mom as a potential plaything. Or, engage in growling, snarling, screaming “playfighting” with each other: form a rolling two-cat ball of snarling fur, roll haphazardly around the room at breakneck speed, allow chunks of fur to fly, then whomp into something LOUDLY.

    That’s guaranteed to shake any Tall Hairless Cat out of a coma. 😉

    (Feel better soon!)

  15. Charlie’s knickname is biteyhead for a reason. That reason.

    My work has now made me braindead. Two, maybe three good cells left…

  16. Thoughts of tuna and soy mochas to you all! Big C- here at Casa Ladies of the Lake, there is a “regular” lecture: some serious madness about “nice” being MORE effective than THE USUAL. Don’t fall for it. Do what you’ve gotta do. It’s all about the food dish. Subtle reminders are not nearly as effective as yowling, tail thwapping and the near trip (although there are bonus points involved for a REAL trip). In a few days, everyone realizes that we are more cool and interesting than that dash-out-the-door-and-be-gone-all-day-work-thing. We are regularly told that retirement is only 25-30 years away. But then there’s something about clay pots and someplace called New Mexico…..Tuna, Turkey and Nip–Millie and Bailey

  17. Hang in there with the work stuff… it’s almost Friday! I can’t believe you went from 80 degrees to snow flurries… that’s crazy!

  18. My brother was over helping us unpack and he said he wants to retire. He’s *eighteen*. I laughed at him and was like, “Freedom Thirty-five, eh?” And he goes, “More like Freedom Twenty.”

    *snort* Yeah.

  19. I hope that work calms down soon!

    Chaos, I’m sure your mom won’t forget about you or May. If you think that she has, you could do what my Terry does when he thinks that he might starve to death if I don’t feed him right. now.
    – *Start yowling then gallop loudly from one end of the house to the other; repeat from * as necessary!
    That will let mom know that you’re hungry and she won’t be able to go to sleep without feeding you!

  20. It’s okay Chaos, I’m sending Super Abner to your aid. He should be there in a little bit, although his cape keeps falling off, so hopefully he won’t crash.

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