Canadian bounty

No, no, not a bounty on Canadians. 😉 (Did I just hear a collective sigh of relief from the north?!)

Sadly, I am not receiving all my comment emails, due to webhost issues. I have been reading them on the blog and if they ever do arrive, I shall respond to them post-haste.

Onward. I’ve had a number of questions about what purchases I made while in Canada, so here goes. While Lorraine had Brigitte and I out and about for our yarn store crawl, we also stopped at Blue Banana Market. I restrained myself and only got a couple things.

The magnet says “I only wear black because they haven’t invented a darker color yet.” 🙂

Here’s most of what I purchased from Romni:

Can you tell what my favorite sock yarn is?! They had types of Meilenweit I’ve never seen before. Really, how could I resist?

I purchased enough yarn at the Purple Purl for a February Lady Sweater. (Look! Part of Lorraine is in the picture! I was trying to see how many clashing shades of purple I could get into a single photo without exerting undue effort.)

The yarn is Tanis Fiber Arts aran weight, Plum colorway.

Lorraine also presented me with a fabulous bag of goodies! That keychain in the lower left? The eyes light up and it meows. The magnet says “Be truthful. Does this outfit make me look TOO gay?” And isn’t Socks That Rock’s Rocky Horror colorway about the most perfect October/Halloween colorway ever?! Thank you so much, Lorraine!

When I met up with MamaTulip, she, too, presented me with a fabulous bag of goodies! Thanks, MamaT! (Since I photographed these at home, I had quite a bit more feline involvement than in the pictures with the black background above. Let’s just say that Brigitte’s kitties are much less aggressively curious than are Chaos and May.)

“Big kitty, what do you think this is?! It’s so interesting!” -Mayhem

“I think it’s a kitty who caught a horrible disease, May.” -Chaos

“Oh no! Big kitty, what can we do to help?!” -Mayhem

“Don’t you think you should be more concerned with avoiding its fate?” -Chaos

“Oh no! Is it contagious?!” -Mayhem

“You can’t be too careful, May.” -Chaos

“Oh! Look at its cute toes!” -Mayhem

“Darn, I really had her going. Too bad she has such a short attention span…” -Chaos

26 thoughts on “Canadian bounty”

  1. What terrific goodies and I love the magnet! It’s wonderful. I don’t think the kitties worried too long about the sickly one. It was still standing anyway;-P

  2. So… much…purple! *dies* I LOVE Meilenweit sock yarn.. my ‘Nanner socks were made from Meilenweit Bosco and I love the little flashes of color- a perfect semi-solid for lace! I can’t wait to see your Feb. Lady in that plum- fantastic shade! That STR may be the perfect Halloween yarn… though thinking about the pooling made me a little less excited about it.

  3. Chris- So glad I had a pedicure for my photo-op.

    Shopping with you is easy, but who knew purple and black had so many nuances?

    That Mama Tulip cat is a hoot!

  4. Hey Chris… Wow, you walked away with some wonderful goodies! I am in love with your purple and with the Halloween yarn!

    Thank you for putting pictures up of my babies!! I miss them, lol!!! And I love the last one… Cute toes!!!
    Hope your day is going well my friend!

  5. Love your purchases from the Blue Banana Market. They’re perfect!

    The yarn looks nice, but don’t you think a couple of those skeins are a little, uh, light for you?

  6. I hope the metal cat disease isn’t catching! I’d hate to see the kitties turned into statues.

    And I’m glad orange isn’t my favorite color, or I’d be rushing over to the Blue Moon website right now just based on the Halloween yarn name…

  7. You got some great stuff! I love the “only wear black” magnet. Very cute candle holder from MamaTulip–obviously very confusing to kitties!

  8. Holy cats!! If Knitting Hubby doesn’t bring me back some of that plum colored aran weight while he’s in Toronto this week, there’d better be some splainin’ going on. I might even have to buy a new spinning wheel to make up for it if he doesn’t.

  9. love it (and I still think that you got more than I did recently.. giggle) How fun that you are going to knit February lady. The color is divine.
    I wish I had one of those key chains for my daughter to give to her best friend – he would laugh and laugh.. it’s soo funny.
    And… It’s been awhile since I saw Chaos and May in the same photo. I always forget just how big he is!

  10. Love the wattle bottle and the Meilenweit sock yarn. Would you know it my new black kitten thinks nothing of carrying a tiny ball of yarn in her mouth and run around the house! I wake up to a spider web everything morning. Lucky she’s sp cute!

  11. Good loot! Can you believe that I don’t have even one skein of Meilenweit in my stash? The Bento database wouldn’t lie.

    And I hope that’s not that feline flu that’s going around.

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