Hiding out

Valerie’s celebrating her blogiversary with a contest. Suggest a name for her new spinning wheel by midnight, April 30, and you could win “something nice.”

Mistress of the Stash is having a contest – leave a comment (by 12:00 pm CDT on May 2) about your favorite colorway and you could win a skein of sportweight Claudia’s Handpaint.

Carrie is having a contest to celebrate spring and starting new things. To participate, cast on a crazy new dishcloth and send her a picture by May 5 – you could win a skein of Austermann Step sock yarn.

I don’t know if you’re following the pet food recall, but contaminants now have been found in not only wheat gluten, but also rice protein and corn gluten. Over 889 pet food items under 100 brand names have been recalled. Some of the recalled pet food may have been fed to hogs destined for human consumption. Pet Connection and Pet Food Tracker seem to be doing a good job covering all of this.

Knitting Update
You will get to see other pictures of the dress! It’s blocking even as I type – hopefully it will be dry by tonight.

KitKatKnit wondered if Chaos would be happier if the dress complemented his eyes, so she sent me this:

Nope, he doesn’t look happier to me, either.

“Go away, Mom. We’re hiding from you.” -Mayhem

“Hmph.” -Chaos