What would possess anyone to want to go over these in a barrel?!

Because really? That’s not something that seemed like a good idea to me while I was at Niagara Falls (Canadian side).

Here’s the second half of the falls, by the American side:

And I didn’t know this little tidbit about Father Hennepin:

Hmm. I have to hope that he discovered St. Anthony Falls before he saw Niagara Falls, because our wee falls would’ve been so very, very disappointing in comparison. Trivia: I live a few blocks away from Hennepin Avenue in Uptown Minneapolis.

The city of Niagara Falls, Ontario, definitely had an Atlantic City feel to it, although that wasn’t so obvious from down by the Falls themselves.

“Don’t you think this elaborate ruse has gone far enough, Mom? You and I both know that nothing exists beyond the hallway outside the condo door besides the vet’s office. Why you wanted to spend so much time at the vet’s office, I have no idea.” -Chaos

26 thoughts on “What would possess anyone to want to go over these in a barrel?!”

  1. Chris- SO you did go- Niagara Falls is wonderfully cheesy- but can be alot of fun. I love wax museums!

    Pierre Burton wrote a great book called “Niagara”- fascinating history.

  2. Isn’t Niagara Falls cheesy?! The city that is. The Falls themselves are spectacular. Why anyone would want to go over in a barrel, or cross them on a high wire is beyond me though…

  3. Maybe the vet is cute, Chaos or maybe he’s rich, or maybe mom’s making more appointments for you. Watch you step.

    Niagara Falls is amazing. I saw them as a teen. This week we’ve been imursed in Ken Burns “Parks” and heard all about the why our parks were created. Niagara Falls was set up as the example of what not to do to a beautiful area. The Fall’s are awe inspiring.

  4. Love the pictures, Chris! Thanks for sharing them!!!

    Nothing exist outside of the condo but the vet’s office… Poor Chaos… Petco does… where you think your catnip comes from!! LMAO!!!
    I hope you are having a wonderful day Chris!

  5. and the vet’s office can only be arrived at via that teensy tiny crate with the bars on it that goes bouncing along in the noisy machine that Mom has that plays music, and then poof we are there.

    Great photos btw

  6. The falls are beautiful! I only vaguely remember being there to see them, and I don’t remember anything at all about the town. Sounds like that’s a good thing.

  7. LOL Chaos – you are too funny…

    Great pictures of the falls Chris. I love the trivia. Interesting observation about the “Atlantic City”, feel. :0)

    I hope your week is going well..


  8. Ahhh memories. I went there with a bus load of people in 1990. It was so much fun! Of course at age 17, I didn’t appreciate like I would now. We just goofed off.

    Chaos, you forgot the tuna factory also exists. So its apartment, vet’s office, tuna factory.

  9. Lovely photos of the falls! I had been to the Wisconsin Dells before seeing Niagara Falls, so Niagara didn’t seem so commercialized at all.

    So what is all the stuff outside the windows, Chaos? And where does all the catnip come from? Certainly not from the vet.

  10. I enjoyed your links to info about Hennepin. It made me think of one of my fave beers: Hennepin Farmhouse Ale by Ommegang Brewery. yummy!

  11. The lengths parents will go to, eh Chaos? lol.

    Aren’t the falls just utterly magnificient? I don’t understand the getting into a barrel and rolling over them. Ca-ray-zee. Gorgeous pix!

  12. Chaos – you are so funny. (you do know you are being funny??) I haven’t been to Niagra Falls, either side. Knitting Hubby has and will probably again next week. He’ll also be in Toronto and then mountain biking with friends in Ontario. I’ll be at home spinning.

  13. Niagra Falls is one of those places I want to visit someday. I never understood the “going over Niagra Falls in a barrel” thing (or anything else for that matter).

  14. hee hee…. I always said that I was sure Charlotte and Aggie thought that when I left in the morning, I spent the day at the vet’s…. the current cats know differently – they’re more well-traveled!

    Niagara Falls is on my list of places I’d like to go – but not in a barrel!

  15. My boys – especially Rocky – know there is a wonderful, long hallway for running away from home. He stops halfway, right by the elevator, turns and waits for someone to chase him. Scamp!

  16. Beautiful photos!

    And Lucy sends this message to Chaos:

    I don’t believe for an instant that there’s anything out there besides the house and the vet, though one time the People took me to a place called Green Acres for a week. That was really weird, let me tell you. They took me out of that cage thing with bars and brought me inside, and the house looked completely different than the real house. Willie says there’s something called birds outside, but I don’t believe him.

  17. I’m pretty sure it’s an excess of testosterone (yes, even women have *some*) that causes the desire to tempt fate by plunging over Niagra in a barrel, walking over it on a tightrope, or just generally doing adrenaline causing things for fun.

    To Chaos from Sly & Max: We agree that there’s nothing really outside the door. We live in a townhouse and while Mom tries to trick us with those fancy TVs that she says are windows, we know the truth – they’re just really good videos. It is nice of her to humor us with them, though.

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