“…strung out from the road…”

(Phrase first heard in Bob Seger’s song “Turn the Page.”)

Not quite home yet, but I will be tomorrow. Currently, I’m in a motel in Janesville, Wisconsin. I’m only five hours from home, but please refer to the title of this post for why I stopped here for the night. πŸ™‚

What have I been up to since last I posted?

  • I spent more quality time hanging out with Brigitte and the Little Dudes. Waaah! I wish they lived lots closer!
  • I went to dinner at Lorraine’s house with Brigitte and got to meet Lorraine’s family and the famous Kitten Chow! Waaah! I wish they lived lots closer!
  • At Lorraine’s, I experienced the tasty Canadian phenomenon of Swiss Chalet chicken.
  • I met Lea! Waaah! I wish she lived lots closer!
  • I rode the subway and the GoTrain.
  • I met MamaTulip! Waaah! I wish she lived lots closer!
  • My love for Kuroi Neko has increased tenfold.
  • I saw Niagara Falls. Whoa. There will be pictures at some point. (When you see signs that say “Unusual mist conditions”? You better believe them!)
  • I spent the night at a motel in London. Ontario, that is.
  • That was the first time I’ve stayed in a motel room that didn’t have art on the walls.
  • Perhaps they realized that no art could possibly complement the brilliantly patterned bedspreads. (My eyes! My eyes!)
  • I was happily surprised to not have a wait at the US-Canadian border in Detroit Windsor.
  • I made the border guard guy laugh when I declared my five gf beers.
  • I’m still bummed that they don’t stamp passports for the US-Canadian border.
  • And… I’m creating a post that doesn’t have a picture of Chaos or Mayhem in it. Fear not – today we have guest black kitty Gandalf.

“Rumour has it on blackkitties.net that you are in so much trouble when you get home.” -Gandalf