“On the road again, just can’t wait to get on the road again.”

– Willie Nelson (with apologies to those who now have an earworm)

For the next ten to 14 days, I’ll be on vacation. I’m sure I’ll post about my visit to Toronto, my journey there and back again, and the many wonderful bloggers I hope to meet, but said posts will be sporadic and eclectic. Stay out of trouble, ok? (And does this look like Chaos and May or what?! Too perfect.)

“Wait a minute… Mom, where are you going?! Why are you taking your pillow with you?!! Oh, this does not look good at all…” -Mayhem

42 thoughts on ““On the road again, just can’t wait to get on the road again.””

  1. **sniff sniff** I know Mayhem, Mommy is leaving us… Hey, lets sneak in the luggage, she won’t realize until it is too late to turn around!!!! Did she just say 10-14 days… OMG… Hurry Mayhem, get the kitty treats and lets go to the luggage!! We can fit!!

    So jealous of you, but at the same so wonderfully happy that you are getting the break you deserve!!! And have fun!! And so jealous you are getting to meet your peeps!! LOL!! You are the one that might need to be reminded to stay out of trouble… And getting to see Lea… You ladies better stay out of trouble!! LOL!! Have a great time!
    Know that I will stalking your place, lamo!~

  2. have ever so much fun, chillin’ in Toronto!
    May’s eyes look like they might pop right out of her head – heh heh – its that same wide-eyed-innocent look she can get while sitting atop something she should not be on.
    I wonder how much trouble they can get into while you are gone…….

  3. 14 days in cat-time is like two months. Not to make you feel guilty or anything. 😉 Every day, when I dump more food in the bowl, my cats tell me they haven’t been fed in WEEKS. (Drama queens!) Have a great vacation in the Great White North!

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