I was awakened yesterday by…

…Mayhem chasing her tail on top of me. *oooof* Today started out inauspiciously when my espresso maker gave up the ghost…

Looks like the Yarn Harlot got a not-too-bad picture of me… If you’re looking for the Twin Cities “linkorama” Stephanie mentioned, here you go. Hey, our singing “O Canada” is available on You Tube! And here’s a link to the Strib article about the event.

Jenifer’s having a contest – guess what one-skein project she’s knitting and then share what your favorite one-skein project is (not from any of the one-skein books). Submit your entries by midnight, April 14, and you could win a mysterious prize.

Reading Update
Um, I haven’t apparently done a reading update for a while… Brace yourselves.

Maggie Needs an Alibi, Maggie by the Book, Maggie Without a Clue, and High Heels and Homicide by Kasey Michaels. Maggie Kelly writes mysteries set in Regency England. One day she turns around to discover that her hero, the dashingly handsome Alexandre Blake (the Viscount St. Just) and his amiable sidekick Sterling Balder have come to life and are standing in her living room… These aren’t terribly well written, but they are light and amusing.
Ready or Not? by Chris Manby. Light chicklit about a British radio producer who isn’t sure her fiance is right for her as the wedding approaches.
Out of this World by Jill Shalvis. More light chicklit (although significantly steamier than the previous title – *fans self*) about an LA muralist who inherits a mysterious B&B in remote Alaska.
Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews. Quite possibly inspired or at least influenced by Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan series, this book (possibly the first in a series? It has that feel) features magical mercenary Kate Daniels in an alternate future in which tech is in decline and magic ascendent.
Whiskey Sour by J.A. Konrath. Book one in a (so far) short series about insomniac Chicago police lieutenant Jacquelyn “Jack” Daniels. Sufficiently entertaining that I’m reading the second book and have the most recent book queued up. Please note that these are pretty gory at times.

Knitting Update
I finished my Regia Crazy Colors socks yesterday for my first completed Project Spectrum April/May project. Although it was a struggle, I resisted doing the Ms. Matchy Matchy thing.

*sniff sniff sniff* -C

*sigh* “She’s still not making the tuna and catnip socks I requested, May.” -C

“Ok, big kitty, then I won’t even bother to stop and check them out.” -M

45 thoughts on “I was awakened yesterday by…”

  1. Oh no, not the espresso machine! I hope you’re able to get a replacement soon. My fridge died yesterday and I have to say that I think I’d be more upset if the coffeemaker died. Gotta have the caffeine.

    Thank you for the links, the article was nice to read!

  2. I NEED THESE SOCKS! You made them for me, right? Right? I love their non-matchyness. And their stripedyness. And their pinkness. Need!

    And I love that you’re famous 🙂

  3. I saw your picture on the Harlot’s blog; it is a good picture. I’ll bet this here blog of yours is going to get a bunch of hits over the next few days 🙂

    Love the socks!

  4. Oh no, not the espresso maker! There must be a coffee maker – espresso maker virus going around. I like the article on the Yarn Harlot’s visit. Don’t let Katie know about tuna and catnip socks. She’ll be looking for them too. 🙂

  5. Oh goodness, if my coffee machine died, I think I’d call a day of world mourning…oh wait, I use a French Press, so I guess those don’t break 😉 But I’m glad to see that you’re up and about and not cursing the heavens for taking away your coffee.

    And has anyone ever told you that you’re a sock knitting machine? You crank those socks right out!

  6. Thanks for posting the link to the Strib article – I hadn’t seen that. All apologies to the Yarnery (SPM), but I would be way more excited to see George Clooney in St. Paul.

    Lovely, lovely socks!

  7. Congrats on the passion socks! I made a pair in 6ply a couple of years back and still have them as bed socks 😉

    I saw you on the Yarn Harlot website – it looked like a lot of fun!

  8. Excellent links today 🙂 And woohoo on getting mentioned on Yarn Harlot’s site with pic! You made me have a well-needed laugh this morning with the image of Mayhem chasing her tail while trompling your poor tummy!

  9. That is quite a list of books – I can not begin to imagine how you read all of those & still have time to go to work. Knitting obviously comes before both of those things right 😉

    Also – I note your socks are not flashing holes….lucky knitter.

  10. Chris- I thought it was a great picture. Your black and purple bag probably gave you away.

    Catnip and tuna socks- where does one get those?

    You can be an honorary Canadian if you want.

  11. Tuna and catnip socks…is that in Sensational Knitted Socks? You know I think I have that pattern here somewhere…oh yes, it’s next to JinBao’s favorite…tennis ball fuzz and whatever falls on the floor while mom is cooking socks.

  12. I just stumbled over via a link posted by “the GREAT ONE”… love what I’ve read so far and your kitty pictures are fantastic. I have my own beautiful black cat. His name is Loki after the Norse God of Mischief – SO appropriate!

  13. LOVE the pink socks. If those are for Frarochvia then I get the next pair, please.

    There was a pair of socks posted a long time ago, I think on the JenLa site with a kitty paw pattern. I don’t know if you’ve seen one like that, but I think it would be ideal, in honor of C and M. Catnip scented optional.

  14. Oh no! There was coffee to be had somewhere, right? I ran out of coffee yesterday (I really didn’t want to hit the stores the day before Easter) and it was a rough morning.
    Love the stripey pink socks!

  15. No espresso? Nooooooooooo. On Monday’s I am not right until about noon and that’s after a big cuppa coffee, a 32 oz ice tea and a 24 oz coffee all before 10am. Chaos was thinking right, not tuna yarn but SeaCell or chiten yarn might be tasty!

  16. holy yarn harlot batman! she gave you an exclamation point and *everything*!

    very, very cool.

    *hugs chris in total admiration*

    and i love the colors of the socks (even if they don’t smell like tuna & catnip, May…). reminds me of when i was about 6 and my favorite colors were pink and purple. i didn’t want to lend *anyone* my pink and purple magic markers…

  17. Great socks – my fav Regia colorway, actually. I can’t get the Yarn Harlot link to open, but I’ll check it out later so I can see ‘ya.

  18. It took Harlot so long to post about her trip here – I was beginning to wonder if we had broke her somehow.

    Cute photo of you!

    Do you (or anyone else who reads this) happen to know who “Eileen and her Koigu and KSH blanket” is? I want to see more photos of that afghan she is making.

  19. Oh Mayhem! Isn’t it amazing how a 8 pounds cat can feel like 80 pounds when they are playing games on you.

    When my parents were in Florida the plumber came to fix their garbage disposal, and their cat Scruffy was so lonely with them being gone, the poor plumber had to fix the disposal with a cat laying on his chest.

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