Peeking out from under the work to bury you in (mostly, but not all) book contests and links

Don’t forget to leave a comment on the contest post before 7 pm CDT, Thursday, September 3, for your chance to win a copy of Michelle Rowen’s forthcoming paranormal romance, Tall, Dark and Fangsome! (Another of Michelle Rowen’s vampire romances, Bitten and Smitten, is a $1.99 ebook from Hatchette Books in September.)

Books on the Knob reports that Kindle owners can pick up China Mieville’s urban fantasy novel Perdido Street Station and Keri Arthur’s first Riley Jensen novel, Full Moon Rising, for free. (Actually, these aren’t just for Kindle – they’re the Suvudu free books for the month and are in pdf.)

Dear Author has posted their list of ebook specials for September.

Many contests listed over at Book Junkie II!

Donna (Fantasy Dreamer) has a great list of contests, too, along with information on new releases, interviews, and more.

A Journey of Books is giving away Mr and Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy and Loving Mr Darcy to one lucky winner – you have an assortment of different ways to participate before September 15.

Ellora’s Cave is giving away a Sony or Asus netbook. Contest runs through the end of the year… and you need to tell Ellora’s Cave how their erotic romances have improved your sex life. 🙂

Fran at Romancing the Yarn is giving away some Patons sock yarn. Leave a comment before September 8 for your chance to win.

ModernCat’s giving away a nifty cat bed – leave a comment before September 6 for your chance to win.

Frank at Chromewaves is giving away a VTech Wifi Internet radio. Leave a comment before midnight EDT September 7 for your chance to win.

For your chance to win a copy of the vampire collection By Blood We Live (cover obviously inspired by The Lost Boys), leave a comment at Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist – no end date listed.

Check out SciFiGuy’s list of September urban fantasy, paranormal romance, romance, and scifi releases.

Dear Author has some great tips on how bloggers can get into book reviewing.

Sony’s eBook Library software (Windows and Mac) is freeware and you don’t need a Sony Reader to use it. Calibre (Windows, Mac, Linux) is another free ebook library manager that has lots of options for converting non-DRM ebooks into different formats.

Consumerist sort of got answers to their questions about Kindle licensing.

TeleRead linked to an interesting article on what Amazon’s competitors might want to consider if they plan to beat the Kindle.

Asus could have an ebook reader out by the holidays.

I like the idea of “crowd sourcing” ebook error corrections. I could put together a list! 😉

Awful Library Books found a pretty scary knitting book still on the shelves…

Dang, this is way too long already. Hmm. How about some gratuitous abs?

“Please come home from work, Mom. I miss you!” -Mayhem

“Oh, never mind. The big kitty said we have to be mad at you.” -Mayhem

21 thoughts on “Peeking out from under the work to bury you in (mostly, but not all) book contests and links”

  1. Ew ew ew that is one gross knitting book! Why did the 80’s have so many clothes that SUCKED???! (And why are they coming back in style, for that matter!)

  2. Oh Chris, thanks for all those wonderful links… Especially the last one… yummy!!!
    I hope work is going smooth for you… and I hope the work load is not to big!

    I love Mayhem!!! She is adorable!!! The big kitty said that they need to still be mad at you, huh!!! Girl, you love your mommy up… Put that tiara on and tell that big kitty where to go!! LOL!!!

  3. Nasty knitting book! 80s styles are coming back, although marketers studiously avoid saying that. It’s like all the new station wagons that are now “cross over vehicles.”

    Hang in there, May! Mom would rather spend time with you than with code, so she will as soon as she can. Ignore the big kitty.

  4. I really need to write down a list of some of the authors you’ve reviewed. My last pull from the romance section was more pandering at fantasy and didn’t have a conclusion. Bah!

  5. Oh, funny! Look at all these links!!! I just went through a buried in work blitz and I was scared to even look at blogland for a while, as I felt SO behind. Hope the smoke clears soon.

    How do you like our new isles monster???

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