In which I post the most racy pictures of Chaos ever!

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“What are you doing, Mom?” -Chaos

“You’d better not be taking nude bathing pictures of me to post on the internetz is all I have to say…” -Chaos

25 thoughts on “In which I post the most racy pictures of Chaos ever!”

  1. So…. Whatch doin Chaos?

    Find anything…. interesting down there???


    Tori – *snort* “We do not bend like that, nor do we reveal ourselves in public places….”

  2. Oh my… Well, I have to dogs that are pure male… They have no shame… At least Chaos is threating you!! LOL!! I have to tell them to stop and go some where more private, than to do that right in front of me!! LOL!!
    Our beloved babies! They are something else!
    I hope you have a great day! And it is FRIDAY!!!! YAYAYAY… Just hoping that you don’t have to work this weekend to have a break!

  3. Poor Chaos! It’s getting so a fellow can’t even do his laundry without the pawparazzi invading. This might event warrant some yarn chewing in revenge.

  4. Yeah, not so racy. I have a friend w/ a siamese like cat (named Wash from the Firefly show) who pretty much can put it out any time. She gives him belly rubs, out it comes.

  5. ha ha ha… Oh Chaos, you do realize that now you will show up in google search engines all over the world because of these nude bathing photos???
    ha hah .. good one Mom!

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